Netflix Rumored To Plan Rebelde Season 2 And 3 After Initial Reactions

After six years behind the scenes, Rebelde returned to the halls of this iconic school with a fresh group of students eager to contribute to the program of musical excellence.

The fans were left “in need of a second season” and confirming that “there was definitely nostalgia.”

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Rebelde Mexican teen drama series that premiered Netflix 5 January. Though Netflix series counts as a reboot, it is actually a sequel to the cult Mexican telenovela of 2004 of the same name.


Rebelde is a reboot of the iconic Mexican telenovela

Although the characters in the new streaming series are new, the action takes place in the same universe.

He talks about a new generation of students attending the prestigious Elite Way School who are struggling to win the Battle of the Groups. Every teenage character has their own challenges as they try to grow up to find love, friendship, and fame.

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It doesn’t help that the Elite Path School has a threatening rival named Lodge who is trying to prevent them from reaching their full potential. Fans loved this update to the iconic Mexican telenovela. Many have tweeted that they admire attractive characters, root for their relationship, and copy their stylish looks.

The wannabe stars include Azul Guaita, Sergio Mayer Mori and Franco Mazini. One of the returning actors is Estefania Villarreal.who plays director Celina Ferrer on Netflix Rebelde… Selina, appeared in the original series Rebelde and now he appears as a director.

What do we know about the second season of Netflix series Rebelde?

Advertised as a miniseries, it looks like Season 2 and Season 3 may be in development. With the end of the first season, many fans are begging for a conclusion. Following these end credits, which sparks a huge revelation, fans are begging to see where this leads the characters.

Netflix May Be Considering A Three-Season Run For A Rebirth Rebeldeas in the original series. But that is still in the air until Netflix gives it the green light.

So when can we expect to find out more about the Rebelde season 2 renewal? Typically, Netflix waits until the first season is released to assess popularity and views before resuming transmission for the following seasons.

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