Netflix Unveils Winner of Israeli TV Aawar –

special: Netflix has unveiled the winner of the $20,000 Israeli Series Development Award after a week in which it deepened ties with the nation.

Last night at an event to mark the end of the Scripted Israel event in LA, attended by Netflix CEO and senior Israeli talent, Mindy Ehrlichs. not important Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarendos crowned the winner.

The jury, comprising Andrew McQueen (Director of Global Deals, Netflix), Samantha Blanco (Manager of TV Licensing and Co-Productions EMEA, Netflix) and Gregory Novak (VP, Original Programming), called the show “an impressive lead character.” together with a powerful story”. , Paramount).

The project balances a compelling personal story with a passionate narrative. and global appealbringing to light an untold story,” he added.

Meanwhile, a West End Upcoming Talent Award of $10,000 was awarded. Loyalty By Benjamin Friedenberg and Ehab Jadullah.

The awards came as a result of the Netflix-supported Sam Spiegel Film and TV School’s Series Lab, a program for eight Israeli screenwriter and production teams selected from more than 100 applicants.

Sarandos was present in scripted Israel with choice. Knife out Producer Ram Bergman, Netflix VP Series Peter Friedlander and other talent.

He met with the likes of Movie Plus Productions, which co-produced the HBO drama. Our boys; Dory Media, which developed Apple TV+. Losing Alice; Sparrow Films, whose drama When heroes fly. was picked up by Netflix; and Coda Communications, which created the scripted series that belongs to HBO. Honorable was based on.

The incident comes at a time when Netflix is ​​on an Israeli offensive following a push by local producers to implement streamer quotas and stricter regulation, which has yet to pass parliament.

Following this drive by producers, Netflix EMEA Head of Original Series Larry Tanz toured the nation with a delegation in May to meet with local talent and discuss the topic with producers.

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