Netflix’s “Hype House” cast of TikTokers valued at net worth

Since TikTok started taking over social media, it has helped a lot of people go from conventional to super famous, and the benefit of this is that they become part of its elite homes, one of which is “The Hype House”. Overall, there are many different TikTok “houses” that have helped most influencers rebrand their content and close big deals, but out of this large number, TikTok Hype House has been at the top for a while.

Now on the list Netflix, the documentary series follows the life of a group of TikTok influencers and shows the world the hard work behind the scenes to create the videos we see on TikTok all day. Based in Los Angeles and founded in December 2019, shortly after the app launched, Hype House started out in a huge Spanish-style building that overlooked the entire community. However, in June 2020, the group moved to a new location in the Hollywood Hills after some complications, and as the entire previous Hype House gang has repeatedly shown, they are not entirely frivolous about their luxury and this has been proven by their new location. The new home is a 12,000 square foot estate with all the luxurious amenities you can think of.

Likewise, their location changed, the content they released and some of their contributors changed. At the height of its development, the house had 21 members, but now most of them have moved to their places. As expected of people with such a high taste for luxury, these stars are doing well and earning amounts that are considered above decent. Here are the richest actors in the new series.

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9 Chase Hudson has a net worth of $ 3 million.

Also known as Lil Huddy, Chase Hudson is largely known as the influencer who dated TikTok icon Charlie D’Amelio. He is also one of the co-founders of Hype House and receives public representation from the WME talent agency. While he started on TikTok to have fun, Hudson used the platform to kickstart his music career, and received acclaim from Paper magazine as an integral part of the pop-punk genre. It has had several hits, some featuring top creatives including Travis Baker and Machine Gun Kelly. He currently has estimated net worth at $ 3 million.


eight Nikita Dragun’s fortune is $ 3 million.

In addition to being a viral TikTok sensation, Nikita Dragun is also a YouTube star and makeup artist. She is mostly known for her styling and casual designs. She made her first official deal through her YouTube channel and has since been signed by several brands. In the early days of her teenage fame, Nikita managed to film an entire reality show based on her life via Snapchat called Nikita Unfiltered. She then won a couple of awards and created a line of cosmetics on the Morphe label. The star seems to be doing pretty well. currently worth $ 3 million

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7 Cover Annon’s fortune is $ 3 million.

Before TikTok swooped in and changed the game, Cover mainly used Instagram to showcase her modeling prowess. Later in 2018, she gained more attention after her photo with the famous YouTuber Alex Warren hit social media. Now that she’s in Hype House, well let’s just say that from now on everything can only get better for her, and one of the ways that started happening was her salary. Cover is currently being rated net worth $ 3 million

6 Alex Warren’s fortune is $ 2.5 million.

Alex’s life transformation is one of the most impressive in a long list of influencers who have managed to change their lives. The professional youtuber has gone from sleeping in his car to creating a channel with millions of subscribers and joining the ranks of other stars on TikTok. Although he has enjoyed great success as a content creator on both YouTube and TikTok, he is currently also focused on his music career. To say that Alex is doing well is to say nothing, because at the moment he has estimated net worth at $ 2.5 million.

5 Thomas Petru’s fortune is $ 2 million.

Thomas Petru is eccentric, and this became more accurate after it was revealed that he is of Greek origin and of course the women wanted more from him. Although Thomas’s rise to fame was rapid, it was quite surprising that he managed not only to make his way to Hype House, but to actually become one of the founders of ifs. Thomas has had success as YouTube and TikToker and this has helped him get several promotional gigs, all of which have helped him equity capital is estimated at $ 2 million.

4 Larrey has a net worth of $ 1 million.

The founder and author of several viral videos is TikTok sensation Larrey. His road to stardom began on Vine, and his success continued until the platform was bought by Twitter, but was dumped shortly thereafter, halting several plans. Despite the fact that he is very successful and was nominated for the Streamy Awards in the Break Out Creator of the Year category, he is also actively pursuing his music career. Now Larrey has estimated net worth at $ 1 million.

3 Sienna Mae Gomez’s fortune is $ 1 million

Seventeen-year-old body positive TikToker with over 10 million subscribers, Sienna Mae Gomez has been in the spotlight for quite some time. Her platform is mainly focused on helping people feel comfortable with who they are, no matter how weird they are. While this content may sound unusual to many people, it and a few other activities helped her make money. Only $ 1 million.

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2 Jack Wright’s fortune is $ 1 million.

Jack Wright is a versatile artist who has made a name for himself in the industry with his dance moves on TikTok. Before he got his big break on TikTok, he was an Instagram sensation and also attracted a large crowd, but TikTok’s editing features certainly made his moves a lot better. Despite the fact that he is only 18 years old, Jack has achieved a lot in his life and now worth $ 1 million.

one Winnie Hacker’s fortune is $ 800,000.

While all the other members Hype House it seemed that they immediately found their business, for Vinnie everything was a little different. The star started out editing short films and music videos for entertainment, and later moved on to paid sports edits on Instagram and YouTube. Now he just makes lip-syncing videos and this has helped him win over 12 million fans across all platforms. Vinnie also tried himself in the modeling business several times, and now he worth $ 800,000.

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