Netflix’s The Sandman’s Real Reason for Desire Is Gender Fluid

So, to the question – why is Desire a gender fluid? In response to a fan question in 2014, Gaiman wrote in tumblr“It didn’t make sense to me to make Desire male or female. I started with the idea of ​​someone who would be attractive to you, whoever you are and whatever person you like. a big and important concept containing only one gender or, for that matter, only two.”

In honor of this, in the Netflix series, Mason Alexander Park was cast as “Wish Infinity”. This is a fair casting because Park is openly a non-binary performer. More educated voices (such as those queer in the world) have made a distinction between genderfluid and nonbinary, but the summary is that genderfluid defines a person who embraces multiple gender identities across the gender spectrum, while nonbinary can be used as a more general general term for any number of identity variations. .

While these are markedly different definitions, there is some overlap and it is much more likely that someone who identifies as a non-binary person understands gender variability than someone who is comfortable on the binary spectrum. Also, representation matters, and we love seeing musical theater stars take to the screen.

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