New ‘Anola Homes 2’ footage confirms the presence of Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge

Fellow actors Milli Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge will re-enact the roles of Detective and Holmes family member Anola, and young Wescount Tuxbury. Netflix Sequel Enola Homes.. Released in September 2020, the film proved to be an instant hit for the streaming giant.

Including a star-studded cast. Strange things. Actresses, former Superman Henry Kewell, Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Clifflin, enjoyed the start of the first day of the year.

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Will Louis and Mili become an on-screen couple?

Partridge, who played the role of Anola on his adventures. Will be back for the sequel, and the video footage from the set sees the characters together! Although the first film ended with Texbury and Anola’s romance, the sequel seems to sink deeper into their relationship.

In the video, Millie is seen wearing a beautiful, light blue Victorian gown, while Louise is seen wearing a gray-brown trench coat, trousers and hat. The co-stars are seen filming a scene where Tuxbury gives Anola a bouquet of flowers, which they keep nearby as they walk down the street.

Although the plot of the film has not been revealed yet, it is based on the film. Anola Holmes Mystery Nancy Springer’s book series Henry Kewell will reprise her role as Sherlock Holmes in the film, but Netflix has not yet announced any details about the new cast members and the story.

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Fans of the film are wondering if. Enola Homes 2. Dr. John Watson will be introduced in any capacity. Author Nancy Springer’s second novel in the series, entitled. Left-handed woman’s case. Focuses on Anola as an emerging detective. According to the book, Anola takes refuge in the busy streets of London and hides from her brother.

She eventually leads the investigation into the missing artist, and has to decide whether to pursue her or put herself in great danger.

Enola Homes. Was made by Flaibag. Director Harry Bradbear, who brought some great magic to Phoebe Waller Bridge in the film. Like Phoebe, Enola also breaks the fourth wall on several occasions., Speaking directly to the audience. Fans can expect the same magic to come alive in the sequel!

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