Nicholas Cage caught in video taken out of Vegas restaurant for being too drunk

The actor has a habit of being drunk in public in Las Vegas, along with some other incidents over the years where he was seen in a similar fashion.

Nicholas Cage looks weird.
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Actor Nicholas Cage was kicked out of a Las Vegas restaurant this month for being a drunkard and a fighter.

Reports say he was in a very bad condition and so helpless, guardians and employees thought he was a homeless man.

Of Strange trial caught in video., Which is making its way onto the Internet.

Nice cage in a movie scene.

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The cage was described as “drunk and rude.”

Cage, who? Stayed out of the light for a while., Was at Larry’s Prime Reb restaurant in Las Vegas last week.

He was wearing leopard print trousers and on one occasion he did not have shoes. And it was causing a scene. He was alone, together. His new wife Nowhere to be found.

A source told The Sun that he was drinking expensive whiskey and taking tequila shots, and became intoxicated by the militants and caused a scene.

Anonymous sources said, “We were at the bar when we realized what we thought at first was that a homeless man was completely drunk and a bully. To our shock, it turned into Nicholas Cage.”

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Sources said he was trying to start something with everyone there.

“He was completely broken and had a little fight with the crew. He was in really bad shape and was walking around without shoes. He was shouting at people and trying to get into fights. And then the staff told him to leave. He was so drunk that he could barely get his flip flop before he got out, “he said.

A video clip shows a 57-year-old man being kicked out of the establishment, a woman locking the door so that the drunken cage does not return.

Sources said he was taken home by a restaurant.

People were not surprised by his action.

After news of Cage’s behavior surfaced and the video went viral, many said they weren’t too surprised.

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The actor has a habit of being drunk in public in Las Vegas, along with some other incidents over the years where he was seen in a similar fashion.

“Looks like Nick Cage will do …” one person wrote.

Someone else was worried about him and said they hoped it would help.

He tweeted, “She is clearly upset and needs help, hopefully her family will give her the treatment she needs, sadly.”

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