Nicholas Kristof Departs New York Times As He Weighs Governor Bid – Deadline

Nicholas Christoph, Who wrote the column for The. New York Times For the past two decades, he has stepped down because he weighed in on whether to run for governor of Oregon next year.

Christoph filed a statement with the Oregon Secretary of State organizing a campaign committee. If he decides to run, he will run as a Democrat. The current governor, Kate Brown, a Democrat, is also out of office.

Christoph has been on leave since June, when he told the company he was considering fleeing to his home state.

He wrote in a note on his departure, “It has been my dream job, even malaria, plane crash in Congo and arrests abroad for committing journalism. Still, I am here, resigning. – With great hesitation.

At a time when political opinion is flooding the market, Krisov’s columns focus on human rights, health and world politics. But it has also weighed in on the state of polarization in the United States. The last column it published in June focused on a black musician who traveled with members of the Cox’s Clan and neo-Nazis to “their” Get rid of racism. “

They. Written“There’s a reason we try to resolve complex wars by putting the parties in the same room: it defeats the war. If we believe in relations with North Korea and the Iranians, then our fellow Americans Why not with?

Christoph, 62, won two Pulitzer Prizes for his work. In 1990, he won the Tiananmen Square Student Movement Reporting Award, which he shared with his wife, Sheryl Wooden. He won another Platzer in 2006 for his columns on the Darfur crisis.

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