Nick Cannon reminded Ray J of Kim Kardashian before his infamous tape leak.

After the intimate tape leaked that year, things began to derail between Canon and Kardashian before the couple decided to leave.

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After her three-year relationship with Ray J ended in 2006, Kim Kardashian He started watching Nick Cannon, who claims that the romance was very serious, seeing himself settling down with the TV star.

For less than a year, Kardashian and Cannon spent time together, but rumors began to circulate that things were falling apart. An intimate tape was set to be released. Between the founder of the schemes and Ray J.

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During a recent interview on Drink champagne, Former Qualifications in the United States The host said that as soon as it came to light that a tape was being bought around, Kardashian assured him that there was no veracity in the claims.

Cannon said he did nothing about the rumors because his then-girlfriend assured him he had no tapes with him. Well, the tape ended in 2007 and it literally changed Kardashian’s life forever.

Shortly before coming to the Internet, however, Cannon says that he ran to Ray J. in Hollywood, and he clearly remembers him urging him to stay away from the founder of KW Beauty. Is.

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“We were getting very serious at the time … and I saw Rio Jay on the radio drive. We’ve talked to a lot of girls before,” Cannon began.

“We [him and Kardashian] Louis Vuitton was walking into the store and I was holding his hand, and he was literally across the street, ‘You wouldn’t want to hold his hand anytime soon. Watch. ”

“And I’m thinking he’s just hating. He’s still my man, but I’m thinking he’s the guy he used to fight with and now he’s with me, I’m like him. “He is hating.

Little did Canon know that Ray J was finally fine. After an intimate tape leak that same year, things began to derail between Sat’s father and Kardashian before the couple decided to leave.

It has been widely suggested that it was Canon who ended the relationship, and that the tape seemed to be a big problem for him – especially since Kardashian initially told him there was nothing to worry about. do not have.

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