Nick Cannon Reveals 9th Baby’s Name, It Seriously Divides Opinions

Nick Cannon and model Lanisha Cole welcomed their first child in the world, and now the couple have shared their baby’s name.

But not everyone is impressed…

Despite being a joyous occasion for the happy couple, fans have criticized their baby name.

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One troll went so far as to call it “an ugly back name”.

Their baby really got each talk.

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But before we reveal the amazing baby name, let’s take a look at some of the other celebrity baby names that have made waves over the past few years…


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Friends Baby star Courteney Cox sounds adorable!


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Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin also opted for the food option.

Blue ivy…

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You can’t expect Beyoncé to do things halfway, right?


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Instead, Busy Phillips drew inspiration from the animal kingdom.


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Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s baby misses Brooklyn so much…


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Mariah Carey clearly wants glory for her children!


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Cardi B went all out with her baby name!


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Kourtney Kardashian chose a regal theme.

North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm…

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We literally can’t pick the weirdest of Kimye’s baby names.


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Well, you didn’t expect Diplo to choose a regular name, did you?


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Kate Winslet clearly wanted a baby to cuddle with.


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George Lucas chose a rather epic name.


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Toni Braxton pays tribute each favorite pants material.


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Erica Badu apparently never intended to use a common name.


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Fergie is a big fan of figure skating.


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Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) took the flower name theme to the next level.

Dusty rose…

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Dusty? You Of course, Adam Levin?


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Nicole Richie opted for the least glamorous of the birds.


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Very unusual choice of Michael Jackson.


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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s baby name is pretty ironic.


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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes preferred one of the little-known Disney princesses.


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Sam Worthington went even further “out of this world” with his choice.

Oda Gore…

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Jena Malone is clearly a fan of poetry and nature.


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Holly Madison chose very kitsch – and colorful.

Elsie Otter…

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We hate to admit that we find Zooey Deschanel’s choice endearing.

Pilot inspector…

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Not really sure if Jason Lee was going here.


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While Alanis Morisette feels darker.


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You may not find the choice of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds too unusual until you realize that the choice was made in favor of their daughter…


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Pretty cute name for Liv Tyler’s offspring.

Rosehip rose…

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Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are obviously fans Sleeping Beauty.


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Kelly Rowland opted for something more violent.


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Pink chose a different “natural” name…


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Was David and Victoria Beckham’s baby named after the place where he was conceived?


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Nicolas Cage paid tribute to his love for Superman by naming his child Clark Kent Kryptonite.


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Bob Geldof has actually gone off the track with all of his kids’ names from Fifi Trixabelle to Pixie.


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Hilary Duff wanted a fiscal name for her baby.


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Richard Gere was apparently inspired by the last name, but we know The Simpsons

Francis Bean…

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Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s baby is named after the least glamorous food.


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Adam Sandler’s baby name evokes positivity – at least he hopes so!


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Many believe that Kylie Jenner’s child received the prize for the most outrageous name.

But it seems like Nick Cannon and Lanisha Cole’s baby could just steal the top spot.

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Cannon took to Instagram on Thursday, writing, “Today I’m back in awe of the Divine Feminine! God has given me and @MissLanishaCole the privilege of hosting an Angel here on earth. I vow to protect, provide, guide and love this child to the best of my ability.

“In this moment of celebration and anniversary, I want to tone down any low vibrational frequencies and celebrate only the Highest Class of Civilization that is truly in line with our purpose here in this dimension. We are all learning so much from these Angels we call children. I am learning that the problem is not the limited amount of time we have on this planet, but the limited amount of love.

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“And I promise to love this little girl with all my heart, no matter what anyone says… I have given up trying to define myself for the world or society, but instead I am doing the work to heal and grow into an infinite Being. God intended me to be. I hope I can teach Onyx the same, not let others shame or ridicule her with their outside opinions, because when they do, they only project their own harsh experiences, pain, and social agendas onto her flawless beauty.”

Cannon continued, “As we all know, I’m not easy to provoke, I have quite tough skin and have always been an open book, but not everyone in my family has the same level of strength. So I pray and ask others to project all criticism and cynicism on ME and not on the loving and precious mothers of my children.”

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He added that Cole is “one of the most unsophisticated, peaceful and non-confrontational kind souls” he has met, saying that she “deserves only to enjoy this moment of blissful joy of motherhood.”

People shared their opinion about the name on the Internet…

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One fan wrote: “Although the name of this child … This child will not be shit.”

While the other called it’s an “ugly **name”.

Cannon showed in his post on instagram that they named their baby girl “ONYX ICE COLE CANNON”.

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She is officially Cannon’s 9th child, with a 10th on the way.

What do you think of the name?

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