Nick Cannon’s doctor urges him to ‘slow down’ after receiving his seventh child.

Some called Canon irresponsible for welcoming so many children in such a short time, but he wanted a big family.

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Nick Cannon is taking a break from having children.

Of Wild N Out. The founder and host, who is preparing to launch his name day talk show, is on a promotional campaign for his latest project where he opened About expanding your family.

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Cannon, a father of seven, has been in the headlines for the past year. Reception of four children during 12 months – The actor also shared twins with Mariah Carey, Monroe and Morocco.

Some called Canon irresponsible for welcoming so many children in such a short time, but according to the 40-year-old, he always wanted a big family and so he felt “blessed”.

Quite funny, however, even Canon’s doctor thinks he needs to slow down..

“I’m not planning to sit here. My doctor says I should be upset,” he shared. “Okay, just give me a break. I’m [gonna] Take a break from having children. ”

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“I come from a large family, I have many siblings, [and] Sometimes after being raised in an unconventional family by my grandparents, I have experienced such a wide range of upbringing that I have such a love and passion for children and family. I also want a big family. The Lord has given me everything I asked for. Ask and you will receive. ”

Closer to the date of the premiere of his talk show, Canon says he wants to be completely transparent with his audience – even when it comes to his personal life.

“[I’ve] There has never been a person who is afraid to talk about my life. But I want to focus on others again. I will talk for an hour every day, hopefully people will know me very closely. If I was in the headlines last night, I would definitely talk about it the next morning.

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Nick Cannon’s new talk show set looks suspiciously familiar.

Is Nick Cannon’s new talk show just a talk show featuring a certain female comedian, which has been taken over? The fans understand yes.

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