Nicki Minaj harassment lawsuit withdrawn by husband’s victim

A harassment lawsuit filed against rapper Nicki Minaj by the alleged victim of her husband Kenneth Petty, Jennifer Hough, has been dismissed.

“The case against Nika was dismissed voluntarily. The case against Kenneth Petty is still ongoing. Stay with us!” Jennifer Hough’s lawyer, Tyrone Blackburn, told PEOPLE in response to the lawsuit’s dismissal. Although Minaj’s name is no longer mentioned, this is not good for her husband.

Kenneth Petty is a registered Level 2 offender in New York, which means he is considered a “moderately high risk reoffender”. He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and supervised life imprisonment.


Minaj’s husband was arrested in March 2020 after he was charged with refusing to register as a sex offender in California. According to documents obtained at the time, Petty pleaded not guilty and posted $100,000 bail. He pleaded guilty to virtual healing in September.

The 39-year-old ‘Superbass’ rapper is still planning to fight for her legal fees back.

Nicki Minaj’s attorney, Judd Bernstein, told Hough’s attorney that he was pleased that the legal team “has come to its senses,” according to documents obtained by PEOPLE.

“Your behavior in handling this case against Nicky represents the worst of our legal system: money-bearing lawyers pursuing frivolous acts against a celebrity, assuming they will be paid if they pour enough dirt,” he wrote.

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The lawsuit, filed by Hough last August, alleged that Minaj and her 43-year-old husband Kenny Petty tried to threaten her into dropping the rape allegations. Hough claimed the incident took place in 1994 when she was only 16 years old.

Bernstein added: “This is just the beginning of Nicky and I’s efforts to make you pay for your shameful behavior both in money and, if the court recommends it, in disciplinary sanctions.”

The lawsuit against Minaj’s husband is still ongoing

Kenny Petty, who married Minaj in 2019 and has a child with the rapper., was convicted of attempted rape in the first degree in 1995. He was sentenced to terms ranging from 18 to 54 months, but spent four years in prison.

Hough’s lawsuit accuses the celebrity couple of intentionally inflicting emotional distress as well as alleged sexual assault and battery, citing a previous incident in the ’90s.

“As a result of the actions of Defendant Minaj and Defendant Petty, Plaintiff was traumatized for life,” the lawsuit explains. “The plaintiff has never felt safe since the defendant raped him.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Jennifer Hough was once offered $20,000 in exchange for signing a prepared statement in which she would drop her rape allegations against Kenny. It was also alleged that the “Anaconda” rapper personally called her to persuade her to drop her story, and that she received numerous harassing calls and visits from people associated with the couple.

The document also details how previously people associated with the rapper and her husband offered Hough’s brother half a million dollars in exchange for retracting the story. Hough appeared on The Real talking about the ordeal with Kenny and the fear she still feels.

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