Nicolas Cage wanted to perform a trick that could end his life

Is there anyone in Hollywood as charming as Nicolas Cage? This man has always been around, and whether he makes the headlines because of his 4-day marriage, public drunkenness, or being harassed by a mime, his love life has always attracted media attention. Because of this, some of his moments on set were overlooked.

Cage goes out of his way to put on a great performance, and at one point, the man tried to be bitten by a living bat in a box office flop that somehow morphed into a cult classic.


Let’s take a look at one of the strangest stories of Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage is an eccentric star

Nicolas Cage is by far one of the most eccentric performers in Hollywood history, and the actor, despite receiving a lot of critical reviews throughout his career, has no problem putting in incredible top-notch performances every time.

While Nicolas Cage has chosen some great roles and some really great films, he has also shown that he is ready to take on almost any project that interests him. These projects all vary in size, but no matter the budget, fans can always expect the actor to put in his best effort when he’s on screen. Because of this, people sincerely cannot get enough of their beloved performer.

This year, Nicolas Cage will star in a movie where he plays Nicolas Cage, and this is a project that people can’t wait to see. It will be in his craziest state, and you better believe the internet will boil with hot footage when the movie finally comes out.

Before that happens, we can look back at one of his most mysterious films, which has morphed into a cult classic over the years.

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He starred in the movie “Kiss of the Vampire”.

In 1989 g. Vampire kiss It was a brand new movie starring Nicolas Cage and Jennifer Beals, and the movie looked like sheer absurdity from the start.

By the time of his career, Cage had already achieved success as an actor, especially in films such as Lunar and Raising Arizona… The new project had a tiny budget, and obviously Nicolas Cage thought he could do something great with the utter absurdity of it all.

Now Nicolas Cage is a movie star who is known for putting every ounce of energy into every role he takes, and this film is a perfect example of the chaotic energy he can bring to a project. It did almost nothing at the box office, but became a cult hit, largely due to the insane acting that Nicolas Cage demonstrates in the film.

One thing that has certainly helped this film maintain its cult status is the insane events that unfolded behind the scenes. There are simply too many events to tell at once, but at some point Nicolas Cage made an insane request that no movie studio in his right mind would satisfy.

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He wanted a real bat to bite him in the movie

In one of the strangest stories involving Nicolas Cage, the young actor wanted to be bitten by a real bat during filming. Yes, he legally wanted it and insisted that it happen.

According to producer Barbara Zitwer: “Shooting the bat drove him crazy. He didn’t understand why we couldn’t get a real bat. I tried to explain to him that they have rabies. You cannot control them. I called the chief bats specialist at the bat zoo, and I was ready to take him there, bring the guy to the set. “

Even with this information in mind, Nicolas Cage was still not convinced.

“Nicholas found out that you can get bats from Mexico. Perhaps, of course, illegally. We just said, “Okay, this is going too far. We will not ship bats from Mexico to FedEx. ” Except that I think they actually looked at it. I remember it was one time when I was very controversial, ”said the producer.

In the end, they had to explain to him that he might even die if something went wrong with this little trick. This is what ultimately made the actor back down and just go along with what was originally intended.

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Vampire kiss Is indeed one of the strangest films in Nicolas Cage’s filmography, and it’s crazy to think that behind the scenes everything was even crazier than the finished film itself.

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