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Over the past few decades, Nicole Kidman has built a stunning career on the big and small screens. Given the many memorable performances that the Oscar winner gave, it’s no wonder we’re still interested in her work today. But one recent interview question went too far for Kidman when she discussed her role as Lucille Ball in the film. Be Ricardo… The actress dubbed the question about her marriage to Tom Cruise in a recent profile, calling the very personal request sexist.

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Discussing the movie with The keeperKidman made a thoughtful observation about Ball and her husband, who lived for about 20 years in Desi Arnaz’s relationship. “This movie says you can make an unusual relationship flourish and leave a remnant of it that will last forever. Yes, it’s really great, Kidman explained in an interview. “You can’t get people to behave the way you want, and sometimes you fall in love with someone who won’t be the person you will spend the rest of your life with. And I think this is all very interesting. You may have children with them. Maybe not, but they were very in love. “

Kidman’s reflections then prompted the interviewer to ask if she meant her ex-husband Tom Cruise at all. “My God, no, no. Absolutely not, ”was Kidman’s direct response. “No. I mean it’s so long ago, frankly, that it’s not in this equation. So it’s not. It was noted in the interview that Kidman was ‘pissed off’ at the question as she went on with her denial.” And I would also ask not to be hanged like that. It seems almost sexist to me, because I’m not sure if anyone would say that to a man. And at some point you say: “Give me my life.” According to yours right. ‘”

Cruise and Kidman were one of the loudest couples of the 90s and early August, and their public split quickly became tabloid fodder. But 20 years after the ex-spouses separated, Kidman is still asked about her 11-year marriage to Kidman. Quest Impossible star, while Cruise is rarely asked, if ever, to consider his relationship with Kidman (or his other high-profile ex-wife, Katie Holmes).

In truth, Kidman has already spoken incredibly frankly about the chapter in her life in which she married Cruz. But she’s right when she rejects the idea that everything should be rooted in these 11 years, especially when everything Kidman has done since then (including marrying Keith Urban, who has loved her all her life) has proven that for it still means a lot. inner world. Going forward, if Kidman does not explicitly mention Cruise, perhaps we should stop assuming he reported all of her most memorable moments.

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