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E! The last episode aired. Nightly pop After the cable network announced a major change in their programming. The pop culture talk show hosted by Morgan Stewart, Hunter March and Nina Parker culminates with their run on air and a smooch between March and Parker.

On social media, each of the hosts shared heartfelt messages for their fans thanking them for their support throughout the years.

“Everyone who made @e_nightlypop did it… from the crew who shot it, to the glam and wardrobe that made us look amazing, to the producers, crew and editors who made it all happen, to my beautiful partners. To the hosts who made these past 5 years so amazing, and to you, the audience who sleep in bed with us every night… I love you and I thank you for next year. I’ll see you,” March shared. Instagram.

E! Restructuring: ‘Daily Pop’ and ‘Nightly Pop’ Cancelled, Production Teams to Exit as New Nightly Show of Linear Network Eyes

March found out that her late-night show had been canceled by E! Right after spinal surgery which he would make fun of on social media.

Parker let his heart out in a wide open. Instagram The post shared what the show meant to her life.

“As a plus-size black woman, our opportunities and ability for others to see us in on-air positions can be few and far between,” she wrote. “I valued my position and the responsibility and representation that came with it. So when it was cancelled, it brought up a lot of emotions… and I took something very personal that we often do in business. Being told what you shouldn’t do.

Parker continued, “My connections with my co-hosts were personal. The friendships with @morganstewart and @huntermarch were personal… the laughs and vulnerability were personal. The years of hard work and dedication were so personal. The amazing staff and crew I had with them. The connections were personal. That 6 a.m. wake up was personal! And I loved it all.”

Stewart also shared his thoughts at the end. Nightly pop Recalling how she got her start on the E!

“Started as a rich kid and ended up as a @nightlypop host. The most memorable 8 years with E! Learned so much, went through so much, and, met some incredibly hardworking and wonderful people. !” They Posted. “I also got on well at the prompter. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and to anyone who has ever seen an episode of anything I’ve been in, thank you!! Next time slot But see you.”

official Nightly pop The Instagram account also shared a series of videos with clips from the final show.

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