Nine Way Home is the result of his superhero trilogy.

MCU Star Tom has opened up about Holland. Spider-Man: No way home., The most anticipated movie of the year! The film will follow Dutch character Peter Parker as he struggles to control his life, while battling familiar enemies. Alfred Molina Dr. Otto Activis., And if the rumors are to be believed, William Duffy’s Green Goblin. as well as.

In an interview with Weekly entertainment., Tom confirmed that the film will serve as the “end” for his series of films.

The actor also agreed to work with Molina, whom he described as one of his “favorite” people to work with forever. In the film, the actor re-enacts his malicious character. From Dr. Octopus, Sam Remy Original. Spider man The third.

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This is Tom Holland’s last Spider-Man movie.

The film marks the third solo appearance of Holland as Spider-Man, and is the “end” to his trilogy. He revealed that in terms of the story, director John Watts helped him wrap up the story introduced in the 2017 film.

We were all healing. [No Way Home] As a conclusion Of a franchise, let’s say, “He shared.

Hollande also stated that he would choose to “make something different” if he had the opportunity to reproduce his role in the future. coming home. The third

“I think if we were lucky enough to be immersed in these characters again, you would see a very different version. Will try movies. I don’t know if it happens or not. But we were definitely treating. [No Way Home] As it was about to end, and so it felt, “Holland added.

Tom also revealed that the team was “really confident” when making the third film, and had “a lot of fun” during the filming.

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The actor also revealed that he cried uncontrollably during one of the last days of filming.

All three – Holland, his co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Battalion – were shooting a scene together, and when it wrapped up, they felt emotional. The actors did not believe that if this was the last scene, they would film together, which brought them to tears.

“Sharing that moment with them was probably the best day I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ve ever cried like that,” Holland said.

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