Noel Clark denies allegations of sexual harassment and says accusations from 20 women drove him to suicide

ACTOR Noel Clarke denies being a predator and says he nearly killed himself after he was accused of harassing and bullying up to 20 women.

The 46-year-old Doctor Who and Bulletproof star said he planned to kill himself with a folding hunting knife bought as a souvenir in Arizona 20 years ago.


Noel Clarke poses on the winners board at the 2009 British Academy Film Awards.1 credit
Noel Clarke and his wife Iris Da Silva at the 2017 BAFTAs.


Noel Clarke and his wife Iris Da Silva at the 2017 BAFTAs.1 credit

He said, “I needed to do something unbearable. I reached for my book and the knife fell out of my pocket. My one-year-old child said: “Daddy, why are you doing this?”

“I said, ‘It’s just dirt off my nails…’ and he said, ‘Oh, okay,’ and somehow the routine of it pissed me off.

“Until this moment, I was waiting for the right moment to kill myself. I wasn’t here. Ready. I didn’t care about anything. My mind was destroyed.”

Speaking to Mail on SundayClark admitted that he could be “overtactile” at times, but says he never groped or tried to kiss a woman who “didn’t want to be kissed.”

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Police have dropped their investigation into Bafta winner Clarke after they ruled the women’s testimony did not meet the “threshold for a criminal investigation.”

He said, “I am not a predator. I have been crossing the road so as not to walk behind women since I was 15 years old.

“I was an ordinary guy. Of course I flirt. Have I ever made cheeky comments? One hundred percent. But not to the extent that it justifies ruining my life.”

Clark, who is married to makeup artist Iris Da Silva, said he felt suicidal after the allegations came to light last year and Bafta avoided him.

He said: “There was no arrest, no charges, no trial, no sentence, but I was prosecuted.

“If we no longer need judges and juries, if we only need social media and broadcasters, then what kind of world do we live in?”

Last May, the Metropolitan Police confirmed they had received complaints against Clarke and were investigating before confirming that other women came forward two months later.

Reclaim These Streets co-founder Anna Birley criticized the decision to stop investigating the allegations.

She said: “Reporting incidents of sexual assault or abuse is difficult, and so women who have been so brave and outspoken must be very upset when they hear that the police do not consider their testimony sufficient.

“Our criminal justice system fails women time and time again. Women deserve to be heard and believed.”

The force said it had decided not to launch a formal investigation “after a thorough assessment by specialist detectives”.

A spokesman for the Met said: “We have updated the applicants. If there are any further allegations related to those already assessed, they will be carefully considered.”

One accuser claimed that Clarke said he planned to “fuck her and fire her”, adding that he was secretly filming a naked audition.

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Bafta was aware of these claims before presenting him with an award for outstanding British contribution to cinema and then withdrew the gong.

Sky has suspended filming for his crime drama Bulletproof while ITV has filmed the final episode of Point of View.

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this article, call the Samaritans toll-free on 116123.

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