Oddly enough, Tom Cruise performs his crazy stunts while filming

For decades, action films have been the backbone of the big screen, and despite their stigma, these films have a knack for entertaining audiences. Doing dangerous stunts is part of the job, and while stuntmen are involved, some stars choose to do things on their own.

Tom Cruise is an action star who has been performing his own stunts for years. It’s common knowledge, but most people might not know, that Tom Cruise has a truly bizarre way to perform his deadly stunts for his biggest films.

Let’s see how Tom Cruise brings the magic of cinema to life.


Tom Cruise is an acting legend

Known for film stars since the 1980s, Tom Cruise is an actor that millions of moviegoers enjoy watching on the big screen. It took Cruise a while to get started, but once he was given the chance to prove himself, he showed the world that he is a star in the making.

Since his breakout, Tom Cruise has done a little bit of everything. He can do well in any genre, but something really special happens when he stars in an action movie. This person just knows how to make a great action movie, and it will take a long time before the superstar actor is confused.

WITH Quest Impossible the franchise is still active, it will be added to see how long Cruz will play the legendary Ethan Hunt. Perhaps this will evolve into an inherited role that he will keep for as long as he can.

Over the years in Hollywood, Tom Cruise has become known for many things, one of which is his penchant for doing his own stunts in his biggest films, which most stars would never do.

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Tom Cruise always does his tricks

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Tom Cruise is more than willing to do the unthinkable and perform his own stunts. This is extremely dangerous, but it certainly enhances his acting in every movie.

Talking to Graham Norton, Cruz said“The first time, any trick is nervous, but it is also encouraging. I was told several times during the filming of the stunt to stop smiling. “

This, in turn, led to Cruise’s injuries.

“I am a very physical actor and I love acting in them. I study and train and spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. I broke a lot of bones, ”he said.

At some point, Cruz will get to the point where he should stop doing huge stunts, but at the same time, fans should relax and enjoy what he brings to the table.

Knowing that Tom Cruise is doing his stunts definitely helps fans feel his films more real, but what most people don’t know is that Cruise has a unique way of doing these serious stunts. It turns out that the particular selection of underwear played a role in Cruise’s success in the stunt department.

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Tom Cruise wears a thong to perform his stunts

So how does Tom Cruise help himself defy death with his crazy movie stunts? Thong. Now get that mental image out of your head as we dig a little deeper into why Cruz uses revealing underwear for his biggest tricks.

According to Daily star“Insiders say the 51-year-old Scientologist requires the thong to be made of soft elastic material so that he can feel unrestricted when performing stunts and fight scenes. Cruz, who recently starred in Oblivion, started wearing thongs when he felt uncomfortable doing stunts on set. “

Some people might not have expected this, but honestly, it makes sense. Taking off things that can be physically restrictive helps him stay flexible enough to bring the impossible to life, and because of his choice of underwear, we’ve seen some amazing tricks.

“There are not many films in which you will not see Tom rolling on the ground or doing somersaults on the wall of a skyscraper. It took a toll on himself over the years, and he ordered his wardrobe to pull on a comfortable thong for him. “, – said the source. Daily star

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It might not be a choice other stunt performers or other big actors would make, but it’s clear that Tom Cruise is doing his job in a thong while performing dangerous stunts. Keep this in mind the next time you watch one of his big-budget blockbusters.

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