Office character who gets worse every season

Although he can be a bit arrogant and let his temper get the better of him, Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) has become a well-known regular on The Office. For the most part, his faults couldn’t overshadow his genuine kindness to his Dunder Mifflin colleagues, and it was easy for fans to support him. Then again, according to Reddit user u/shrike3000, in season 9 he became more bitter and petty, making him an uninteresting shell of his former self. Many in the “Office” Reddit community fully agreed with now deleted redditor even claiming that ending Andy’s arc was Season 9’s biggest mistake.

It’s clear that much of the Office fandom is unhappy with the degradation of Andy’s character in season 9, and there are legitimate reasons for such complaints. While Ed Helms didn’t offer any thoughts on how his alter ego’s personality changed on the small screen last season, he touched on what Andy means to him more broadly. In an interview with Daily Actor back in 2011, Helms stated, “Andy Bernard in many ways gives me the opportunity to manifest some of my own demons of insecurity and social awkwardness.” He adds that, like most of his characters, Andy isn’t too different from who he is in real life.

While Andy Bernard didn’t get the “Office” swansong that fans were hoping for, at least Ed Helms got a lot out of his time in the role.

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