Office fans agree the show didn’t do anything to this supporting character

In Lotto season 8, viewers of The Office watch the Dunder Mifflin warehouse employees win the lottery and leave their seats. As a result, the office team has to intervene while new employees fill vacant positions. One such fresh face is Val Johnson (Amina Kaplan), who works as the new warehouse foreman and shows up sporadically throughout the remainder of the series. However, in addition to a brief romantic relationship with Darryl Philbin (Craig Robinson), as pointed out by fans on redditShe has almost nothing to do. Some even wonder if more interesting plans for her ended up on the cutting room floor.

In the grand scheme of The Office, Val isn’t the most memorable character, likely due to her lack of compelling storylines and introduction at the end of the series. Apparently, those who remember her see her as something of a missed opportunity, which is all the more disappointing when you think of Ammena Kaplan’s enthusiasm for the role. “The writers are just starting to work on Val. They’re some of the best, so I believe they find ways to make the character irresistible on an ensemble scale,” she said in an interview. 2012 interview with Abbas Karimjiclearly hoping that Val would be the highlight of the upcoming Season 9.

While Amina Kaplan went above and beyond to play Val Johnson, it’s clear that the minds behind The Office weren’t sure where to take her after her debut. Too bad she never reached the heights of some of her now iconic Dunder Mifflin companions.

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