Olivia Cooke from ‘House of the Dragon’ confirms what we all suspected while sitting on the Iron Throne

In a recent interview on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of House of the Dragon, Cook said: Extra that sitting on the Iron Throne was “the first thing I did”. However, she notes, “There is no cushioning and it should be uncomfortable…you can feel its weight.” It corresponds Martin’s initial vision of the Iron Throne as terrifying and uncomfortable.. The painful heaviness of the large chair is a reminder to the king or queen of the enormous task of commanding and ruling the Seven Kingdoms.

The majestic place, which is a metaphor for the rule of kings and queens, is rooted in historical references to real-world monarchies. The best example is William Shakespeare’s Henry IV. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” Only in the literature of George R. R. Martin is it the throne that bears this burden on the sovereign.

But, despite its conventional rigidity and irritation, some actors from the TV universe of the Game of Thrones like to sit on a pointed structure. This was told by Kit Harrington, who played Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones. Yahoo News“Whenever I’m working in the studio, I go and just quietly peek in there and sit on the throne for a minute or two.” While Jon Snow never got to rule the Seven Kingdoms, Harrington certainly took advantage of sitting in an enticing but cramped chair that the new generation of actors, led by Cook, don’t want to romanticize.

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