Olivia Munn posted a rare photo of little dad John Mulani playfully holding his newborn son Malcolm over the pot

OLIVIA Mann posted a rare photo of her little dad, John Mulani, on social media as he playfully held their newborn son Malcolm over a large saucepan in the kitchen.

John, 39, pretended to cook his “new Ban Bao recipe” on his Instagram Story.


John Mulani jokingly put his son Malcolm in a potCredit: Instagram / oliviamunn
Malcolm wore a


Malcolm wore a “Future All-Star” jumpsuit.Credit: Instagram / oliviamunn

The infant looked at his father as the comedian carefully placed him in a large pot.

Malcolm had a pacifier in his mouth and was wearing a baseball jumpsuit.

On the front of Malcolm’s jersey, it read Tomorrow’s All-Star Game.

John was wearing a baseball cap and a plaid shirt.

Olivia, 41, has added a smiling toddler with dumplings to the short clip.

She also wrote: “Adora-Bao.”


Back in December, the couple shared their first photo of their boy.

The actress from the editorial office published a picture in which the baby sleeps in a large blanket in a tiny blue cap.

Olivia signed the message: “My golden bull, baby. Malcolm Hyep Mulani. Happy Holidays. “

She turned off comments on her last post, which prevented her fans from speaking their minds.

John also shared the same photo and wrote: “Meet Malcolm Heep Mulani. He has his whole life ahead of him. He hasn’t even tasted seltzer yet. “

He added: “I really love him and his whole business. Happy Holidays. “


Back in November TMZ it turned out that Olivia and John had their first child in Los Angeles.

The stand-up comedian has publicly announced his relationship with Olivia, as well as the news they’ve been waiting for during their Late Night appearance with Seth Meyers.

The two allegedly met sometime in the spring of 2021.

During the episode, he mentioned, “In the spring I went to Los Angeles, met and started dating a wonderful woman named Olivia – Olivia Mann.

“And we’ll have a baby … I’m going to be a father. We are both very, very happy. “


Back in December 2020, the former Saturday Night Live writer went to rehab in Pennsylvania, where he was treated for cocaine and alcohol addiction for about 60 days.

After he went through rehab, P. Sixth it was revealed that in February John filed for divorce from his wife Anna Marie Tendler, 36.

He officially filed for divorce in July after they had been married for about six years.

Anna, an artist, photographer and writer, commented through a spokesperson: “I am heartbroken that John decided to end our marriage.

“I wish him support and success in continuing his recovery.”

After rehab, John returned to the stage with a five-day residency at Manhattan’s City Winery in May when his performances sold out.

Olivia Munn reportedly gave birth to Mailcom back in November.


Olivia Munn reportedly gave birth to Mailcom back in November.Credit: Getty
John and Olivia eating together


John and Olivia eating togetherCredit: Rex
John said Malcolm has 'his whole life ahead'


John said Malcolm has ‘his whole life ahead’Credit: Instagram / oliviamunn
Olivia Munn is expecting her first child from comedian John Mulani less than a year after breaking up with her ex-wife

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