One character, Leonardo DiCaprio, gained 15 pounds for muscle.

We will not say that. Leonardo DiCaprio Is equal to the choice of. Shia Le Beyouf And Jared Leto. When it comes to top-down procedures. However, he is very serious about his roles, and before hitting the set, he does a lot of research for a given role.

It started when, during his first breakout film, ‘What is Gilbert Eating Grapes?‘. Prior to the film, Leo lived with young people with disabilities. He lived at home and talked to others while taking notes on how others would communicate.

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This theme remained true throughout his career and as it turned out, he would also physically prepare for some of the roles. While preparing for a particular gig, Leo wanted to build muscle, especially the part he was playing in the film, which required him to look at it in a certain way.

It is also said that he wanted to leave this handsome boy. ‘Titanic’ Picture of the past We can safely say that the film helped to do so, because Leo was great and so was the film.

We will take a look at his character as he prepares for the film.

Leo does a lot of research on his characters.

Leo is considered intense when preparing for a role, and sometimes, it even involves going to the top of the movie set. ‘Revenant.The biggest example is, not only did Liu eat raw bison during the experiment, but he also slept in animal carcasses … although Liu’s past was given, He embraces the danger.

“My friends have given me the name of the person with whom they want to have the least extreme adventure, because I always look very close to being part of a disaster. There was a shark incident.”

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As if it weren’t wild enough, Liu said. Wired That he was basically thrown into a frozen river … thank God he finally won Oscar For the role he gave himself.

“Oh, they had EMTs there. And they had the machine they assembled – it was like a big hair dryer with octopus tentacles – so I warmed my feet and toes after each step. Could be, because they were off. Cold. So they were basically blowing me with an octopus hair dryer after taking each for nine months. ”

Now his preparation for another film was not so intense, even though he had put a lot of pressure from the physical point of view to change his form.

Muscle for ‘Departed’

In 2006, Liu played the role of policeman Bill Costgun. To see the character, he decided to put on some muscle. We assume that his co-star may have given him some advice, Mark Wahlberg, who is a sports enthusiast, is on the cast. Of course, the movie we are talking about is no otherDeparture ‘.

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According to Pop exercises., Liu added 15 pounds of muscle to his frame., Which was a big change compared to his previous look. According to his trainer Gregory Roche, the exercise was basic and to the point, involving stretching, conditioning to stay lean, and building muscle. The distribution was sunk in between the shoulders with the chest, the day of the terrible legs, and many abs and cardio.

It was a different kind of preparation for Liu, but given how well the film was received, we can safely say that it was all done for the better.

The film was a success.

Looking back, it was almost impossible for the film to fail at the box office or just in the cast list. It included Leo, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Vera Farmga, Martin Shane, Alec Baldwin, Anthony Anderson, and more.

The film was an economic success, grossing about 300 300 million at the box office. The reviews were great too, IMDB The film received 8.5 stars out of 10, while it has a 90% approval rating. Rotten tomatoes.

Martin Scorsese did a great job with the film, because it was a different theme, which fulfilled the thrilling aspect of things.

It certainly left fans on the edge of its seats in 2006 and to this day, its presence can be felt as one of the biggest projects of Leo’s floor career.

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