One-panel comics full of funny scenarios and clever punchlines by Scott Hilburn (30 new images)

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee because we’ve prepared a delicious dessert for you. Scott Hilburn is back.!

Scott is a cartoonist who was born “on top of an Arctic glacier”, exposed to “high levels of intense radiation”, and made his way to becoming a well-known artist. He creates a funny comedy series called ‘The Argyle Sweater’ which features funny situations and silly humor. Why an ‘argyle sweater’, you may ask? Well, because “‘The Argyle Cummerbund’ was taken and ‘The Argyle Girdle’ sounded plain.”

Scroll down and enjoy these entertaining single panel comics! If, at the end, you still have some tea left, check out the previous post here!

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Scott Hilburn grew up in Garland, Texas. After graduating from Argosy University, she began working toward her Masters in Clinical Psychology/Professional Counseling. However, the artist decided to interrupt his studies to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a cartoonist.

Scott can be considered an old wolf in the comic world. His work has appeared in major publications such as the LA Times, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, and more! People seem to enjoy Scott’s witty and dark humor, which is why he’s so popular.

In one of his Interviews, the artist revealed that he gets ideas for his comics from pop culture, historical references or “featuring animal or fairy tale characters with human settings and real-life experiences”. Some of his ideas come from what he hears his children say or do, but not so much.

Scott shared that Larson was one of his biggest influences. In addition, he read New York cartoonists such as Sam Gross and Tom Cheney. “I was always impressed by how a one-panel cartoonist could say so much in just one frame – especially when the humor is predictable and requires some thought on the part of the reader. That ‘A- HA!’ The moment is something I try to create in my cartoons.”

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