One Thing Jason Alexander Was Told To Stop Doing During His Seinfeld Audition

During an interview with Michael Rosenbaum Podcast “Inside You”Jason Alexander explained that when he was recording his initial audition tape for the role, he felt the script read like “dialogue in a Woody Allen movie”, so he decided to simply impersonate Woody Allen for the audition tape. “Not only did I have a strong New York accent, I literally imitated Woody Allen, as you know, with gestures and voice,” Alexander said. “A couple of days later Larry called me. [David]. He said that I love everything you do. You know, come on out, we want you to meet Jerry. You’ll be reading for the web… and I busted out and they said don’t change anything except don’t make Woody Allen’s voice.”

Throughout the interview, Alexander gave several examples of his Woody Allen impersonation, which (suffice it to say) is almost the exact opposite of what George Costanza actually says in Seinfeld. Aside from the Woody Allen-style delivery, Alexander’s aggressive New York accent in this impersonation almost makes George seem like a completely different character. Indeed, given how different this initial characterization of George is from the final product, it’s somewhat surprising that the producers were able to find the George they were looking for under everything else.

Of course, the rest, as they say, is history. Notably, the part of Alexander’s casting that might be even more surprising is the fact that Pretty Woman led to his role in Seinfeld.

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