Online Community Spam Kelloggs With Fake Job Applications After They Try to Replace 1,400 Striking Workers for Good

The Internet is a powerful tool that, when used properly, can help people achieve important goals. This was proved once again by those who actively express their thoughts and ideas in a subcategory called r/antiwork, Recently, it was revealed that Kellogg’s company, which is in a dire situation, including its striking employees, decided to replace him permanently after another failed demand to provide him with satisfactory working conditions. . The news angered people online to such an extent that one Redditor, @u/BloominFunionsBy providing fake applications, others are encouraged to apply for open positions at Kellogg’s. Soon the application system crashed, showing what could be achieved by people standing up for each other.

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Kellogg’s striking workers have held back since October demanding better working conditions

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The whole situation started on October 5, 2021 when 1400 Kellogg’s factory workers went on strike demanding better wages. The company attempted to end the strike by proposing a new contract which was soon rejected by the strikers. His revised contract didn’t look any more promising, so it was called off once again.

After unsuccessful negotiations between the company and the workers, Kellogg’s decided to replace them with new employees.

image credit: MorePerfectUS

image credit: MorePerfectUS

Little did the company know that this move would create a stir online as people were quite shocked by the move.

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The new contract, rejected by The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM), states that workers will be split into new and senior workers, with new workers offered lower wages and fewer benefits. This way the company will be able to save on labor cost.

A Reddit user asked people online to send fake applications to Kellogg’s thus “closing their toilet of an application pipeline”

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It is known that the company failed to ensure that their employees get fair wages as well as acceptable working conditions

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This really angered people online, who took notice that the company was not one that was struggling financially. In fact, it was shared that Kellogg’s CEO earned $11.6 million during the year of 2020. Meanwhile, those who are striking for better pay have admitted that despite working long hours without days, they still struggle to provide for themselves and their families.

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It was soon noticed that the plan was working and Kellogg’s job site crashed.

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After learning about the situation and hearing about the latest decision by Kellogg’s company to replace strikers with new employees, people online decided to help in the best way they could at this crucial time. Once Redditor @u/BloominFunions posted about the situation on Reddit, many people started sending fake applications, thus causing the system to crash. Some users who found themselves with a little extra time in their schedule decided to go to the actual interview without wasting their time without any intention of actually working there.

Despite this alarming situation, online users were happy that people are finally speaking out and fighting against unfair working conditions.

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image credit: Joshua Potash

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Many had insisted that these workers faced challenging working hours without being paid fair wages.

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Lots of users online were happy to see people coming together in solidarity and helping each other in times of need. They were also happy to see that something is being done with the situation where large companies use them without providing proper working conditions to their employees. What do you think about this situation? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Someone took a more artistic approach to portraying the current situation with Kellogg’s

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image credit: kylex

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