Only building murder fans lose their patience over an undisclosed detail

On reddit, you/gregieb429 Let it be known that they were confused that the main trio didn’t make it a priority to figure out exactly who texted them to leave the building in season 1, episode 10 (“Open and Close”). Although Charles suggests that it was most likely that Detective Williams (Da’Vin Joy Randolph) sent the text, it was not actually explored at the start of the second season, except that Williams denied that she did it. The same Reddit user commented that it was odd that the characters weren’t more curious, and that the series seemed content to drop details.

More than a few people, including u/MistressMousefeather, believe that it could have been Theo (James Coverley) who sent the text to warn them, although they admitted that they did not have a solid basis for such an idea. While this is an interesting theory, it doesn’t really fit with how the story has progressed in the last few episodes. Theo recently helped Mabel (Selena Gomez) try to track down the person covered in sequins, but he didn’t mention anything about texting them that night.

One of the main reasons fans may not have gotten an answer to this question early on is because it wasn’t a big mystery in the first few episodes of season two. Entertainment Weekly In an interview with showrunner John Hoffman at the end of the first season, the writer teased that one of the show’s central questions was how Bunny (Jane Hoodishell) snuck into Mabel’s apartment. Perhaps Hoffman thought the fans would be more focused on that than who wrote the trio.

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