Only true Tim Burton fans will notice this about Christina Ricci’s character on Wednesday

While it’s a real treat to see the star of Wednesday’s most famous take – Christina Ricci – appear opposite Jenna Ortega’s new iteration, the show has added a killer meta layer considering the former is trying to erase this show’s version. off the calendar. It was eventually revealed in “Wednesday” that Ricci’s character, Marilyn Thornhill, is actually the brains behind the brutal m*rders and that she is using the local monster, Hyde, to get the job done. What’s interesting about this is that it’s the same technique used on Sleepy Hollow, her first collaboration with Tim Burton in 1999. The difference is that she was the victim of a prudent killer, not herself.


In the classic fable, taken up by Burton, Miranda Richardson is an unexpected killer of history, using her own monster to carry out cold-blooded plans in which she cuts down family trees with the headless horseman (Christopher Walken) chopping off heads. Although Thornhill Ricci does not meet the horrific end of Richardson’s Lady Mary Van Tassel, her plans are thwarted anyway. This is just another case of history repeating itself and proving that if you’re going to kill people in Tim Burton detectives, it’s best to do it yourself.

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