Orville’s untold truth

As a tribute to everything Seth MacFarlane loves in the Star Trek universe, it’s no surprise that The Orville is literally full of Trek alums both behind and in front of the camera. The Orville had several Star Trek alumni in the director’s chair. Brannon Braga, who created the Enterprise and is a screenwriter and writer and producer of two Star Trek TV series and two Star Trek films, co-produced The Orville and directed four episodes of the first season. James L. Conway, who directed episodes of Voyager, Enterprise, Deep Space 9 and TNG, directed If the Stars Appear. Two episodes of the first and second seasons of The Orville were directed by Robert Duncan McNeil, who played Cadet First Class Nicholas Locarno in TNG and Tom Paris in Voyager and Lower Decks, and directed several episodes of Voyager. and The Enterprise. Jonathan Frakes, Andre Bormanis, and David A. Goodman are a few more old-school Trek names on The Orville crew.

The series also features many actors from the Star Trek universe. MacFarlane himself made two appearances in Star Trek: Enterprise as an engineer named Ensign Rivers. Penny Johnson Gerald, who played Dr. Claire Finn, played Benjamin Sisko’s romantic partner Casidi Yates on DS9. Marina Sirtis, who the Trekkies recognize as TNG’s Dinah Troy, played a role in the second season of The Orville. Other Trek cast members include Robert Picardo (EMH ship’s doctor from Voyager) as Alara’s father, John Billingsley (Phlox). from Enterprise), Brian George (Bashir’s father in DS9 and Antarian Ambassador O’Zaal from Voyager), Brian Thompson (several villains in TNG, DS9, Generations, and Enterprise), Stephen Culp (Major Hayes in Enterprise), Tim Russ (Tuvok in Voyager and several other roles in DC9, Generations and TNG), Jason Alexander (Voyager), F. Murray Abraham ( Uprising) and Molly Hagan (Eris from DC9). That’s not counting the actors who played a few small roles in the Trek universe and appeared in The Orville. As if that wasn’t enough to make The Orville a track of honor, both Scott Grimes (Gordon Malloy) and Victor Garber (Admiral Halsey) were almost part of The Track’s universe before their scenes were ultimately cut.

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