Otters are one of the cutest animals, here are 148 pictures to prove it.

Otters have earned a reputation as one of the cutest animals on the internet, and deservedly so. Although otters are predators in the wild, they have a natural talent for striking some of the cutest, funniest, and most photogenic poses for the camera.

There are many different species of otter, with the European otter, sea otter, and river otter being perhaps the most well-known. Otters are playful in nature and love to play with their young in the water. Baby otters, also known as pups, learn to swim when they are about two months old. It’s always fun to watch them play with each other.

Otter fur helps them stay warm and dry underwater, and even contributes to their ability to swim. Unfortunately, it is also highly prized among people, and for this reason otters have been hunted for centuries, leading some species to become endangered.

You may have seen many photos of sleeping sea otters holding hands. It not only looks cute but it is also a means of survival. Otters hold hands and entangle themselves in seaweed to ensure they don’t drift away from the group in their sleep.

We’ve rounded up some of the best pictures of cute otters on the internet that are sure to put a smile on your face and make you say, “Oh, look at that little cutie!” Which one is your favorite?

He was found waddling around in a pond, and after a quick health check quickly returned to see if mom would come back for him. Unfortunately, she was long gone, so came into our care for a few days before being taken to the UK Otter Trust, where she was paired with another otter of a similar size and the next two To be released in weeks!! The Eurasian otter is found throughout Britain. Sadly, our rivers are classified as Near Threatened due to pollution, habitat destruction and overfishing. Otters can become entangled in fishing nets or lines, causing entanglement injuries or even drowning. Please dispose of your fishing equipment responsibly, you can refer to guidance from the Angling Trusts and the RSPCA on correct disposal methods, this will not only harm otters but potentially All marine life affected by the deadly scourge will be helped. Otters are actually a fantastic sign that a river is healthy and has plenty of fish! So protecting them and their habitat will have a positive impact on the entire food chain including us!! If you find a single baby otter, do not approach (unless injured), monitor from a distance and if the mother does not return, you can call the UK Otter Trust directly or for further guidance and advice. You can contact us for

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What's better than sea otter and pumpkin?

From putting salt in skulls to enriching water shelters to explore and puzzles to eat from pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns, animals from otters to reef fish have new sights, smells and tastes to explore. are

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