Our editors love these Pinterest-worthy pantry finds

Which camp are you in – “my pantry looks like it was blown by a tornado” or “my pantry is so cool it already belongs to Pinterest?” I’m afraid most of us fall into the first category and not the second. It’s just so hard to stay on top, isn’t it? If you don’t live alone, you have spouses, partners, children, grandchildren, and maybe even kids of neighbors rummaging around looking for Little Debbie’s latest snack pie. And this goes on hour after hour, day after day…until you die. (Turn on dramatic music.)

Getting your pantry into Pinterest-worthy shape doesn’t have to be a difficult process, and of course, Amazon is the answer. All you need is a little baskets, trash cans as well as storage containers and you can instantly shape that space. And by getting in shape, I mean Little Debbies will never be that easy to find. (Note: this will also make it much easier for you to find the things you need. you too.) This list has it all: small containers, large containers, short, long, with a lid, glass, airtight and much more. If you’ve ever dreamed of a prettier pantry, your journey starts here.

You will love the products selected by our editor! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate and may receive a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

These are apples and oranges for This basket

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The hardest thing for me is finding a place to store fresh fruit in the kitchen. Nothing is ever big enough, and if you’re buying more than a few fruits at a time, you know how to fight. This bamboo fruit basket has a two-tier (or even three-tier) design, each level of which contains more than a dozen pieces of fruit or vegetables.

Basket Case

box baskets.jpeg.optimal
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Why buy plastic when you can get this great set of nesting baskets that give a very industrial feel to oak wood and silver wiring? Whether you’re stocking bottles and jars or potatoes and onions, these bins feature a durable and portable design that you can easily move around with built-in handles. If you’re thinking of using them for fruits and vegetables, they’ll work great thanks to their ventilated design.

It’s fashionable to be Square

canister candy.jpeg.optimal
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If you like to have snacks on hand (and who doesn’t), this is three-piece container set this is just what the snack food doctor ordered. Created by OXO, this “POP” set is airtight, stackable, compact, and even dishwasher safe. It is designed to keep your pantry uncluttered. Each piece measures 1.1 quarts with a button that both snaps into place and doubles as a handle. There is even a handy fill line.

Grain Killer

Canisters cereal.jpeg.optimal
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In most pantries, cereal boxes take up the most space, and they all tend to be different sizes, which makes things worse. These cereal containers Place all your favorite breakfasts on a level playing field in the same size storage containers. Here you’ll get a three-piece set that holds 135 ounces each, as well as a set of four scoops, a chalkboard marker, and eight reusable labels.

coffee talk

coffee 2.jpeg.optimal
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If your coffee has ever gone bad, shame on you for a crime against humanity. To keep it from happening again with this 60oz Stainless Steel Large Capacity Coffee Container with sealed cantilever lid, clear window, scoop and date display. Stash your beans or ground coffee here and this airtight container will keep them as fresh as the day you opened the bag.

Storage Wars

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Call it the perfect storage solution if you will, but it’s set of 24 items handles everything from flour and pasta to beans and cookies. This set includes containers in four sizes, including six each of small, medium, large and extra large, each with its own sealed 4-way lid. They are made of high impact plastic and come with free labels, a chalk marker and a set of measuring spoons.

Turn it the other side

lazy susan.jpeg.optimal
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With this 10″ screen, there will be no more trouble accessing every item in your pantry. acacia wood turntable, better known as Lazy Susan. (Sorry to the Susans of the world.) This turntable gives you 360-degree access to your condiments and spices. If a 10″ Susan isn’t big enough, scale it up to a 14″ diameter if you like.

Go long!

pasta storage .jpeg.optimal
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What are you doing to keep these extra-long pantry items? Pasta comes to mind, but it’s certainly not the only thing that has issues with storage. These airtight food storage containers with lids (you get four for one purchase) can be stacked horizontally in your pantry to deal with oddly shaped pantry staples. As with many other options, the gift includes measuring spoons, labels and a marker.

Off the shelf

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How charming are they? tiny pink shelves? This purchase includes two different sized shelves that can be stacked or lined up next to each other for use in pantry, cabinets, countertop or even in the fridge. These shelves are made of durable perforated steel that can withstand a lot of weight. And hey, if you don’t like pink, go for the bronze, silver, or white options as well.

Choose a side

Pink Pods.jpeg.optimal
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One of the things I don’t like about typical coffee drawers is how much space they take up. This coffee capsule holder Attaches to the side of your coffee maker or literally anywhere you choose, including walls, cabinets, refrigerators and more. Each line contains five modules, and you can expand it to include as many lines as you like. Choose pink or blue (or both).

this is a wrapper

plastic foil.jpeg.optimal
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This wrap dispenser single-handedly transformed my kitchen because he took my wax paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap and put them all in one handy bamboo storage box with built-in cutters. The holder works with rolls less than 12″ wide and comes with 21 stickers so you can identify the contents of each slot. Put it in a drawer or hang it on the wall to save space as much as possible.

Go back

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If you’re serious about storing coffee in pods, this carousel Holds up to 35 of your favorite pods in a convenient rotating design. Compatible with K-Cups and featuring a modern black powder coated design, this carousel looks great on the kitchen counter or hidden away. Measuring just 13 inches high and seven inches in diameter, it rotates 360 degrees so you can grab tea, coffee or cocoa with ease.

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Have you ever been caught with your hand in a cookie jar? This large 5 liter cookie jar offers airtight storage for cookies, pretzels and other snacks with a retractable button that is used to open and close the jar and doubles as a handle to remove the lid. The flat back allows the jar to sit flush with the wall, and the large opening is perfect for, you guessed it, sticking your hand inside.

spice of life

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I have a bit of an obsession with keeping spices and I’m passing out from it. glass and bamboo set which includes 14 jars, lids and reusable labels. Everything is clearly visible from these clear jars, and an airtight rubber seal ensures that they all stay fresh. Each jar holds six ounces and is made from durable borosilicate glass that won’t crack or shatter if dropped.

Make the rounds

storage 2.jpeg.optimal
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We had storage containers and jars of all shapes and sizes, but these round glass storage jars may be among my favorites. This four-piece set includes 24-ounce jars with airtight bamboo lids, perfect for storing and preserving everything from flour and sugar to coffee and jams. These jars are more heat resistant than regular glass and provide a dry, airtight environment for storing large volumes.

Waiting box

Storage Bins.jpeg.optimal
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When did storage boxes become so cute? foldable storage baskets collapse when not in use and can be color-matched for maximum organization. Here you’ll find all five baskets in shades of blue, yellow, green, pink and orange, hard-wearing and with sturdy handles to fit in and out of shelves. The small size also won’t take up much space.

Tea time

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Only a few of you will appreciate this convenient tea storage but if you are one of those people, be prepared for your life to change. I love having a variety of tea bags on hand, but storing them can be a challenge. This tea box has six compartments inside a lockable box with a clear lid for easy identification of your favorite drinks.

Fasten your bag

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This reusable foldable shopping bag not so much about pantry organization as it is about organizing groceries for all those things that you will toss into your pantry later. It is a large, sturdy, structured tote in a pretty navy blue stripe, available in 20 and 30 liter sizes, as well as insulated and non-insulated options. Choose from nine different colors and patterns.

Like a moth to a flame

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To keep your pantry looking good, you need to keep it clean and tidy. These universal moth traps Specially designed to attract all common types of moths, whether in your closets, pantries or pantries. Powerful pheromones invite the moths in and then—ahem—don’t let them go. Each trap lasts up to 90 days, is odorless and easy to install with adhesive strips.

Blast your stack

wire bin veggies.jpeg.optimal
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These stacking wire baskets remind me of the accessory bougie market where everything is polished to perfection and just so stacked up. This set of two includes 13″ x 8″ baskets, giving you plenty of room for groceries, kitchen utensils, or any other items of your choice. Stack them or place them side by side and identify them with a personalized black metal label.

Discount boxes

wire bins.jpeg.optimal
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What long and thin and just the right size for things like spice jars and kitchen utensils? These metal farmhouse bins can be used side by side and combined with other bins to create the perfect storage solution – even on narrow shelves. This includes a four-piece set with wire mesh and comfortable handles for moving from pantry to table and back.

mixed bag

wood organizer.jpeg.optimal
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Remember that multipack organizer above? Meet its organizational “cousin” – bag storage organizer. This bamboo box has room for four bag sizes from snacks to gallons, excluding paper boxes that tear so easily. It comes in four finishes and is perfect for a drawer, pantry or wall mount. You will also receive label stickers so you can personalize your box.

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