13 Best College-Focused TV Shows

TV can take you into different realms, or give you a glimpse into different lives. Take, for example, certain swathes of TV shows that showcase college life: While they don’t necessarily project reality, they are certainly exciting to watch. 1. unforeseen (2001-2003) DreamWorks / © DreamWorks / Courtesy Everett / Everett Collection While this now-cult … Read more

Kim Kardashian’s 8-year-old daughter North showcases incredible designer handbag collection worth thousands on TikTok

Kim Kardashian’s eight-year-old daughter North has revealed her huge designer handbag collection worth thousands of dollars. Sharing a video of his shimmering collection on TikTok, Uttar proudly declared: “Yeh mere bags hai”. 4 Eight-year-old North West reveals her huge bag collectioncredit: tiktok 4 Her Shelves Are Filled With Designer Itemscredit: tiktok 4 Kim with her … Read more

The employee was forced to continue working after he went into labor asking, “How is this legal?”

As if going into labor and giving birth wasn’t already enough of the challenge of a lifetime, this pregnant woman was told that when the time came, she basically had to suck it up and wait until the job was completely done. have to work. In a post shared on the r/AntiWork community, Redditor Legitimate_Ocelot718 … Read more

Juice Wright’s heartbroken girlfriend says rapper ‘knew’ he would die from an overdose of pills and cough syrup

TRAGIC musician, Juice Wright, told his girlfriend that he thought he would die of an overdose sometime in 2019, a week after his 21st birthday. broken heart associate loti, a social media influencer and girlfriend of the late rapper, said he knew he would die young following his quick ascent to stardom. 3 Juice Wright … Read more

Ben Affleck pulls u-turn over comments blaming ex Jennifer Garner for drinking and insists he ‘loves and respects her’

Ben Affleck has denied blaming his alcohol addiction on ex-wife Jennifer Garner, and insisted that his words were taken out of context. The A-list star attempted to clarify comments made to radio host Howard Stern that he would still be drinking if he hadn’t split from Jennifer during an appearance at Jimmy Kimmel last night. … Read more

Peter Andre pays heartfelt tribute to late brother Andrew as he marks a major milestone since his death

Peter Andre has posted a heartfelt tribute to his late brother Andrew nine years after he passed away. He was devastated by the 54-year-old’s untimely demise in 2012 and today marked his birthday with a special message on Instagram. 5 Peter Andre has posted an emotional tribute to his late brother Andrew nine years after … Read more

Who is Lily James dating? boyfriend list explained

Lily James has become one of Britain’s biggest actresses thanks to her work on the big and small screens. But the 32-year-old star has often found her dating life to dominate her acting career. 4 Lily James and her boyfriend Michael Schuman Who is Lily James dating? by 2021, lily The 36-year-old is dating musician … Read more