Paget Brewster from ‘Hypochondriac’ explains why she’s an actress and not a director

On what drew her to the role and how she thinks Hypochondriac is different from other films in the genre, Brewster said, “I don’t know if there are other films in this genre. Whether there is a? Is there anything you could compare to what?”

Brewster agreed with the mention of the film’s uniqueness. “That’s why I liked it. I read it and honestly didn’t want to do it because it was right in the middle of the pandemic and I was nervous about leaving the house because we really didn’t know that much. about COVID,” she explained. “Bay Dariz, the producer, sent me the script, which was written by Addison Heymann. my thing.’ I just want to lie on this couch.”

As eager as Brewster was to take on the project during the first bouts of COVID, she immediately fired up the script. She said, “I read this and I [said]“God, this is brilliant. I must do it.’ I called back and [said]“Yes, please let me play doctor. I want to do it,” and it turned out even better than I imagined.”

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