‘Paper Girls’ Season 1 Ending Explained on Amazon Prime

“Back to the Future” taught us to believe that correcting the course of time has dire consequences for the universe. However, just about every time travel story portrays this concept as confusing, confusing, and shouldn’t be tampered with. Paper Girls is no different in this regard, but the rules remain shrouded in mystery for the most part for the time being.

Paper Girls offers multiple explanations for time travel and leaves it up to the viewer to decide which one makes the most sense (at least for now). According to Larry, a loyal soldier of the STF underground, stopping the moments when humanity has gone astray is necessary to create a better world for all. The Old Watch, meanwhile, believes time is like a “mixtape” and constantly changing it means it will eventually unravel.

So the big question is: who is telling the truth? Both sides have strong arguments. According to comical, traveling to the past to try to change events will only strengthen the timeline, effectively making it impossible to permanently change the future. However, Naoress’ revelations in the finale prove that there are ways to erase certain events from history, which will hopefully become clearer in the next Paper Girls installment.

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