Paradigm Signs ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’ Producer Pasaca Entertainment –

EXCLUSIVE: Paradigm has signed with Pasaca Entertainment, the Los Angeles-based media finance and production company behind the TIFF 2022 family drama. prisoner’s daughter.

Pasaki’s first film follows a dying prisoner (Brian Cox) who tries to reunite with his daughter (Kate Beckinsale) and grandson (Christopher Convery) he never knew, and his violent past comes back to haunt them all. Also starring Jon Huertas, Ernie Hudson and Tyson Ritter, the film is directed by Catherine Hardwicke. world premieres tonight at Roy Thomson Hall as a gala presentation at the Toronto Film Festival. Pasaka financed the film with Capstone Studios.

Led by CEO Jason Duan and executive producer Wen-Chia Chang, Pasaca Entertainment aims to reinvent traditional genres and support underrepresented groups in entertainment. It plans to become a global content provider and studio with services including the development and production of individual projects or plans, with a view to acquiring companies and libraries, and owning content distribution platforms. A list of the company’s fully funded original content will be announced soon, along with further production co-funding.

With over 30 years of experience in international business and corporate finance, Pasaca CEO Duan has experience as Vice President and General Manager of the Taiwan Office of Wind Information Technology Corporation, a leading financial data processing company in China, and President of Wuhan Bright . Education Group, which is dedicated to the creation and management of international schools in China.

Chang currently manages the finance department of film and television at Pasaca. Chang’s work experience includes working for David Dobkin’s Big Kid Pictures, as well as Village Roadshow Pictures Asia as a Development Manager and Shanghai New Culture Media Group as an International Projects Director.

Pasaca Entertainment is a subsidiary of Pasaca Capital Inc., a multi-billion dollar global private equity firm with innovative technology, biotechnology, food science, medical equipment, manufacturing and entertainment businesses. The parent company’s portfolio includes Innova Medical Group, ATL Group, Caton Technology Group, Sweegen, Meepo and ASOCS.

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