Parents kick out their “nerdy” son, thinking it’s his sister who pays their bills, only to ask him to come back after he confesses.

Some people are blessed with families they love to spend time with. Drama-free meetings, a free 24/7 support line that will take care of all your problems in a jiffy – you name it.

There’s no doubt that it’s a good feeling to know that your loved ones are good people who practice a safe environment for their children – however, that’s clearly not the case for everyone.

Admitting that you were born into a toxic family isn’t always easy, especially if unhealthy behaviors have been ingrained since childhood. If so, chances are your brain has been conditioned to recognize such “love” as love, and in an ideal situation, once you reach adulthood, So you’ll be out of the way.

But then again, many people don’t have the luxury of cutting ties with their families – yet it’s always in your best interest to remember that you get to choose who will be in your life. And who isn’t?

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Just because someone is family, doesn’t mean they should be in your life.

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My friend’s cousin complied with the demands of his ‘cool’ family.” – This online user took to a popular Reddit community to share a story about his friend’s cousin’s malicious compliance against his family. The post has received 16.5K upvotes and 558 comments discussing the story.

A boy who is responsible for his parents’ household bills grudgingly complies with their wishes and moves out. Later, his sister called to ask why nothing was paid.

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The man begins his story by stating that it happened about 4 years ago. It’s about his college friend’s cousin who upsets his family by complying with their request and moving out of the house when they ask him to.

The man’s sister convinces his parents to kick him out because he’s a “shut-in loser” and takes all the credit for paying the bills, even though he covers them at the time. Is.

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The guy is 28 and still lives with his parents – however, he’s responsible for the bills, and it’s a two-storey house, meaning the costs are quite high.

On the other hand, her sister left home some time ago and married a man who earns decent money. But here’s the problem, he takes all the credit for paying the bills and eventually convinces the parents to kick his sibling out, because the boy is a “shut-in loser.”

Parents are also interesting characters. The author says that they are like those stereotypical teenagers you see in clichéd movies, who look down on idiots and think that people who study hard are restless.

Parents always supported their daughter because she was “pretty” and “popular”.

Two months after his move, his sister arrives and asks him why the bills haven’t been paid, as their electricity and water were off.

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Even after they grew up and had children, they continued to think the same way and liked their daughter because she was beautiful and popular. Apparently, the boy didn’t really care because he had friends and was on better terms with his other relatives.

Time passes, and they all confront him and blast him for staying in his room all the time, saying that his sister and her family need space. The man was given limited time to leave, so he nodded and moved three cities away to be closer to his relatives.

Two months later, the fun begins. His sister approaches him and asks why the bills haven’t been paid, as their lights and water have been turned off. The 28-year-old argued that since she was already paying them “allegedly”, she should have already resolved the issue.

He then gets a call from his parents saying that his sister has confessed and he can come back as long as he keeps paying the bills.

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A week passes and she gets another call, this time from her parents. He says his sister agreed to everything and told the man he could come back and get his room back as long as he kept paying the bill.

Naturally, he refuses and says that he is enjoying being alone and is now able to focus more on his work without having to put up with their snide comments. After that, she blocked their numbers, and hasn’t heard from them since.

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