Parents kick their daughter out for becoming trans, their DIL takes revenge on them, ending up having to sell their house

There may be difficulties that every family has to overcome, or situations where loved ones don’t really agree. Usually, when such cases occur, family members find a way to solve these problems, but not everyone succeeds in finding the right solution. This is exactly what happened to Reddit user @ LivingBunch6371, who decided to share a family drama. The woman described how she found a way to teach her husband’s relatives a lesson after they kicked out their 18-year-old daughter because she declared herself trans. This infuriated her parents, who then kicked her out without any belongings, money or documents.

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Sometimes family disputes are inevitable, but very often people do their best to resolve them in the best possible way.

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The user began her story with a story about how she and her husband had to take care of their 18-year-old daughter-in-law after she was kicked out of her parents’ house without belongings, documents and money. The parents did not take the news that their child was transgender very well, so they decided to cut all ties with her, not allowing her to take any of her things with her; they cleared her bank account, where she had her own savings, and sold her car.

One Reddit user decided to share a difficult family situation that ended with her devising a revenge plan against her relatives.

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The woman shared that her daughter-in-law was kicked out of the house after she declared herself trans

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Other relatives, including the narrator, her husband and son-in-law, were shocked by the parents’ behavior. Because of their actions, the rest of the family stopped talking to them, but the woman did not think that this was a sufficient punishment, knowing that they not only turned away from their own child, but also tried in every possible way to ruin her life. … Therefore, she came up with a plan that applied to her workplace as well.

Unable to revive his relatives, the narrator came up with the idea to sabotage their business.

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The narrator revealed that her workplace was a client of a business run by her father-in-law. After this incident, the woman talked about it with her boss, and he suggested that if she found a new place where they could buy their supplies, they could switch to them. The woman spent extra time working on this task and found someone more suitable for her company. But instead of going straight to her boss, the narrator revealed that she waited until her relatives started remodeling their house, and she would need all the finances to cover it.

It took the woman some time to find a new business that could supply goods to her workplace, which used the services of her husband’s relatives.

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When the time came, her company switched to a new client because they did not have an agreement to continue her father-in-law’s business, so there was nothing he could do about the situation. This change resulted in her father-in-law having to sell her house in order to save her business. The woman also said that after that they were unable to buy a new house and are still upset about the whole plan of revenge.

The plan resulted in them having to sell their home as their business crashed.

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Many people online were shocked by the parents’ decision to disown their daughter, so they agreed that the narrator handled the situation perfectly. Users asked the parents and their choice, not understanding why and how they could do this to their daughter. What do you think about this situation? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Internet users could not believe that parents turned away from their daughter

So they thought the user’s revenge plan was the right one to teach the parents a lesson.

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