Paris Hilton and Donatella Versace at Britney Spears’ wedding

Celebrity guests began arriving at Britney Spears and Sam Asgari’s wedding following the ‘terrible’ saga of intruders earlier in the day.

The wedding of Britney Spears and her fiancé Sam Asgari began to arrive celebrity guests.

The couple are set to wed in an intimate ceremony surrounded by around 100 friends and family. TMZ report.

The first guests were Donatella Versace, who designed Spears’ wedding dress, and Paris Hilton, who publicly showed support for Britney during her custody battle.

Hilton was photographed stepping out of her car wearing black, sparkly-rimmed sunglasses that matched the design of her floor-length dress. Her husband, Carter Reum, was seen in the car next to her.

Meanwhile, Donatella donned a pale blue ensemble paired with Versace’s iconic gold choker.

This comes after reports that almost none of Spears’ immediate family will be attending her third wedding.

TMZ reported that Spears’ brother, Brian, would be in attendance, but her parents and sister Jamie Lynn did not receive invitations after their fight over her custody battle.

Details on who would walk 40-year-old Britney down the aisle were still being discussed when TMZ spoke to sources.

Britney’s wedding – and a very selective guest list – made headlines earlier in the day after her first husband, Jason Alexander, unsuccessfully tried to crash the event.

Strange scenes played out on social media today as Alexander broke into the pop star’s home and broadcast his act live to terrified fans.

Jason Alexander was briefly married to Britney in 2004 after a spontaneous ceremony in Las Vegas.

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“Someone already call the police,” wrote one of the subscribers who connected to the live broadcast.

“I’m so scared,” said another.

Alexander could be heard arguing with a staff member who repeatedly ordered him to leave. “Don’t put your hands on me – where is Britney?” Alexander asked.

Alexander was eventually apprehended by the police and photographed as a law enforcement officer grabbed him on the ground.

Britney’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart later confirmed that he was taken into custody and arrested.

He’s not the only Britney ex who didn’t get an invite, and Kevin Federline, the father of her two kids, didn’t get an invite either. Sons Britney Preston, 16, and Jaden James, 15, will also not be attending.

Federline’s lawyer told Page Six: “The boys won’t be at the wedding.”

“They think the focus should be on Britney and Sam on this day, and they’re very excited to see her moving forward.”

Ahead of the wedding, Spears shared a video of her and Asgari, 28, driving in a Rolls-Royce, where she showed off bridal-style manicures and champagne glasses. Page six reports.

In November, Spears revealed that Donatella Versace would be designing her wedding dress.

Asgari’s personal trainer proposed crossroads star in his home in September 2021 after dating for about five years.

The couple began a romantic relationship after they met on the set of the singer’s film. hen-party music video 2016.

It took them nearly “five months” to reunite after her video shoot, Spears said in a radio interview in 2017.

“I thought, ‘He was really nice, this guy was really nice,’ so I called him,” Spears recalls when she found his phone number. “He’s just a really fun, funny person.”

“Humility appealed to me,” he told GQ in June.

“She was very humble and had a beautiful soul.”

In April, Britney revealed that she and Asghari were expecting their first child.

Two weeks later, Britney told fans that she had a miscarriage.

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