Parks and recreation fans think this Shady Jamm detail is unbelievably realistic

One of Jamm’s most nefarious schemes occurs in season 5 when a council member attempts to turn Lot 48’s pit into a belly burger against Leslie’s wishes. The council member fails and subsequently crashes Leslie and Ben Wyatt’s wedding, where he drunkenly sets off a truth bomb: he was going to get a share of Paunch Burger’s sales if it was built.

You don’t have to be a legal expert to know that a political official can’t take bribes. User you / Odlemeister pointed out this fact in a post on the r/PandR subreddit, asking why Jamm didn’t face the consequences of his crime. But according to the users who replied, Jamm’s pardon is far from being a plot hole. “The fact that corrupt civil servants are not investigated makes this realistic,” u/M3tal_Shadowhunter commented.

Other users noted that Gemme is not the only politician in the series who got away with questionable actions. For example, Councilman Bill Dexhart (Kevin Simons) often gets involved in sex scandals but never resigns. “The Pawnee government is very strange and a little corruption on the part of a council member wouldn’t hurt.” [sic] even make a fart pass,” u/adbient commented.

It’s no surprise that Parks and Recreation paints a remarkably realistic portrait of political corruption, given that the show’s main influence is considered one of the best political TV shows of all time. “We thought of ‘Parks and Recreation’ as a comedy ‘The West Wing,'” co-creator Michael Schur told the publication. The keeper.

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