Parks and Recreation Mistakes That Make Us Love Adam Scott and Aziz Ansari Even More

The bloopers in question come from scene in season 4 episode “Born and Raised” where Ben Wyatt and Tom Haverford invite local TV presenter Joan Callamezzo (Moe Collins) to dinner. Eventually, Joan gets incredibly drunk during their short meal and at one point stumbles, saying, “I’m going to go powder my nose, among other things… if you know what I mean.”

In response, Ben frowns and asks (totally serious), “Is she going to powder her vagina?” Although this answer made it to the final series, we’re not entirely sure how it happened. bloopers from this scene show that both Scott and Ansari just couldn’t stop laughing when Scott leaned in to deliver his line. In fact, there are several takes in which both actors break down before Scott can even say a word and laugh hysterically as Joan leaves the table.

These particular bloopers are absolutely ridiculous, mostly because neither Scott nor Ansari can pull themselves together to stop laughing, and also because of how absurd and dumb the line itself actually is. There’s something undeniably endearing about watching two actors spend their time just trying to say one line, and there’s no doubt that these bloopers make us love Adam Scott and Aziz Ansari even more than we already do. loved.

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