Parks And Recreation’s Nick Offerman Named The Bucks On This Hilarious Ron Swanson Prop

Ron Swanson’s office is one of the most haunted locations on Parks and Recreation, and it’s a sight to behold. On his desk is a gun, various sports memorabilia, and even a strange poster of a woman holding a plate of breakfast. As Nick Offerman explained in a 2015 interview., the poster depicts Swanson’s love for dark-haired women and a good breakfast. Though that changed when dark-haired Tammy II (Megan Mullally) turned his life upside down again, prompting him to replace her with a breakfast-only poster. With that, the poster went home with Offerman.

While his office décor is important yet fun to characterize, there’s something that makes Ron Swanson unmistakable, well, Ron Swanson: his moustache. His well-groomed mustache became a key element of his appearance, so much so that when he accidentally didn’t wear it, he seemed like a completely different person. As it turns out, this part of the hair above the upper lip was also the key to Nick Offerman’s success as an actor. In an interview with Hipbeasthe calls it his X Factor and thus an important part of his rise to fame at Parks and Recreation.

Just as Ron Swanson’s character is stuck among Parks and Recreation fans, it’s good to know that Nick Offerman has found ways to keep him in his life too. All he has to do is grow a mustache or look at his poster of a woman handing him a plate full of breakfast food.

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