Part of Peaky Blinders that Cillian Murphy absolutely hates

Although Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) is not the oldest in the family, he is by far the most intimidating. Fans know Tommy as a cold, calculating, and sometimes outright cruel man who is enough to make anyone cringe in fear. While his icy blue eyes do the trick, his physique also plays an important role. To become a formidable head of the family, Murphy had to follow a strict diet and exercise routine.

For a physically thin person, finding the optimal size for Tommy was quite difficult. “In the first episode of Peaky Blinders, they were afraid that I would not look like a skinny Irishman, and my trainer recommended meat,” Murphy said. Mr. Porter’s Journal in 2017. Having been a vegetarian for the past 15 years—a choice Murphy made because he was “worried about getting mad cow disease”—going back to meat must have been a challenge.

In addition to changing his diet, Murphy had to go through several physical regimens in order to reach his ideal size for his role in Peaky Blinders. The gradual process was frustrating, he told Radio Times (via Express UK) earlier this year. “I have to eat a lot of protein, lift big weights and do all that stuff,” Murphy said. “So it takes time, which I hate.”

While resurrecting Tommy was a difficult task, the results were effective. Murphy has managed to perfectly transform into a terrifying figure that no one would want to cross paths with.

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