Patton Oswalt Returns After Almost Canceled For A Photo With Dave Chapelle

Patton Oswalt started his New Year with a deep dive into the complexities of transgender rights. after being criticized for posting a photo with Dave Chapelle on New Years Eve. The comedian and screenwriter shared a rather serious photo of himself. Instagram – lost in thought, pen at the ready, seemingly pondering what to scrawl on a fresh page of his notebook – next to a carefully written caption explaining his reasoning for firing a shot at Chapell.


Chapelle got into a fever over his anti-trans remarks in a recently released Netflix a special “The Closer” in which, among other things, he joined J.K. Rowling’s problematic gender views and declared himself “Team Terf”.

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Oswalt said he and Chappelle “100% disagree with transgender rights and representation.”

Oswalt, however, made it absolutely clear that he disagreed with Chapelle’s position, telling his 473,000 followers that they both “disagree 100% with transgender rights and representation.” His statement read:

“On New Year’s Eve, I saw a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a long time. We’ve known each other since adolescence. He is also a comedian, the funniest one I have ever met. I wanted to post a photo and IG story about it – so I did. Friend – Dave Chappel.

“We have been friends for thirty-four YEARS. He refocused and refined ideas that many of us believed to be established about race, history, and life on planet Earth, and spun them up with a phrase or climax. We gave good and bad concerts, opened microphones and recorded TV programs. “

“But we also disagree 100% with transgender rights and representation. I support the rights of transgender people – the human right – to live a safe life in the world as their fullest self. “

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Oswalt believes Chappelle is still developing and learning

“Despite everything he has helped me develop in, I always disagree with his NOW position on transgender issues. But I also do not believe that a seeker like him has finished developing, learning. You have known someone for so long, you see the struggle and the changes, they cannot be stopped. “

“It’s impossible not to be encouraging, open and reassuring. Also, I had a GREAT sense of guilt for friends I cut off, had views that I could not agree with, or who had changed in ways that I could not live with. Sometimes I wonder – did I and the others who cut them off, forced them to bury their heels even deeper, fed their ignorance with nitrous reinforcement of indignation and anger? “

“I am an LGBTQ ally. I am a loyal friend. There is friction in these traits that I need to come to terms with and not allow myself to inflict feelings of betrayal on ANYONE else. And I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I didn’t think about how much pain this can cause. Or the DEPTH of this pain. “

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