Paul McCartney makes a triumphant return to Glastonbury, performing Beatles hits in front of a crowd of 100,000

PAUL McCARTNEY made a triumphant return to Glastonbury last night with an electric set that was watched live by over 100,000 fans.

The Beatles legend, Glasto’s oldest performer at 80, began his run with the Beatles’ 1964 hit “Can’t Buy Me Love.”



Paul McCartney’s performance at Glastonbury began with Can’t Buy Me Love.
More than 100,000 people watched the main stage of the 80-year-old rocker Glastonbury.


More than 100,000 people watched the main stage of the 80-year-old rocker Glastonbury.

His roaring set included other Fab Four classics including Hey Jude, Lady Madonna and Something, as well as solo favorites Live And Let Die and Maybe I’m Amazed.

And he seemed touched when the crowd responded by singing “Happy Birthday” in honor of his 80th birthday last weekend.

The crowd was filled with stars including models Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, singer Harry Styles, actors Lily James and Dominic Cooper, and Spice Girl’s Jerry Horner.

The highlight was McKee’s emotional duet with the late Beatles bandmate John Lennon, who was televised onto the Pyramid stage as a hologram, to the delight of fans.

The famous performance was a glorious end to Saturday’s all-star cast.

Glastonbury was packed as the crowds stretched as far as the eye could see.


Glastonbury was packed as the crowds stretched as far as the eye could see.1 credit
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controversial decision

And we hear the fun didn’t end when the lights went out as Makka instructed organizers to plan a belated 80th birthday for him backstage to celebrate his birthday last weekend.

His fashion designer daughter Stella was there with her husband Alasdair Willis and their children, as well as one of his three daughters, Mary.


A source said, “The organizers wanted to make a special evening for Paul and prepared cakes and bubbles for all of his family and friends. This is an important milestone and Paul is still 80 years old.

“He’s in great shape and still at the top of his game, so there’s a lot to celebrate.

“He’s been on tour lately, so it was a great time to get everyone together.”

They also revealed how Paul was very diligent in quality control of the festival’s vegan food – he insisted on Linda McCartney’s burgers backstage.

Our source added: “That’s what Paul is passionate about.” Earlier in the day, Haim and Celeste’s assault sets were among the highlights of the festival.

Taking the stage in front of Haim, climate change activist Greta Thunberg delivered a powerful speech, telling the audience: “We are capable of the most incredible things.

“Once we know the whole story, we will know what to do. There is still time to choose a new path, to step back from the cliff.

Olivia Rodrigo delivered an energetic performance at her first concert at Glastonbury.


Olivia Rodrigo delivered an energetic performance at her first concert at Glastonbury.1 credit

Rising star Olivia Rodrigo, who watched Mackey’s opening act in Frome, Somerset a few hours ago, made an impressive and memorable debut at Worthy Farm.

Drivers License welcomed special guest Lily Allen on stage to sing Lily’s 2009 hit F**k You to protest the US Supreme Court’s controversial decision this week to strike down a 1973 ruling on abortion rights in America.

Introducing her song with Lily, Olivia said, “I’m so excited for the next song. Someone I adore is here today.”

She then said, “I will remember this moment for the rest of my life.”

She then added, “The Supreme Court has decided to reverse Rowe Wade’s decision. This is a basic human right.”

She continued to name all the judges involved.

“The only festival in the world”

Noel Gallagher confuses his set with classic Oasis songs


Noel Gallagher confuses his set with classic Oasis songs1 credit

Noel Gallagher’s album High Flying Birds captivated the crowd with a set that was split between his own material and the audience’s favorite Oasis classic.

And when he burst into the Wonderwall, prefaced with “If I said it once, then I said it a million fucking times,” the crowd came to their senses, singing the words along with him.

The song “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” was dedicated to all the fans of English football: “Before you win, hell, everything in November.”

And thanking “everyone who has supported us over the past 11 years.”

Noel ended the set with Don’t Look Back In Anger before telling the audience, “See you next time.”

Before his fourth performance at Worthy Farm, Noel told Dermot O’Leary on Radio 2, “This is the only festival in the world, in the truest sense of the word.

“The only art festival. It’s an amazing thing and one of the great things about this country.”

We couldn’t help but agree. Welcome back Glasto, we’ve missed you.

Mackey’s set

  • Can’t buy me love
  • Junior’s Farm
  • let go
  • Gotta get you in my life
  • come to me
  • let me drop it
  • To become better
  • let them in
  • my valentine
  • 1985
  • Maybe I’m surprised
  • I just saw a face
  • Despite all the danger
  • love me do
  • Dance tonight
  • blackbird
  • Here today
  • New
  • Lady Madonna
  • Phew you
  • Mr. Kite
  • Something
  • Oh La Di Oh La Da
  • Out Of College (from You Never Give Me Your Money)
  • Return
  • Saw her standing there
  • Band on the run
  • glory days
  • I want to be your man
  • Let it be
  • Live and let die
  • Hey Jude
  • I have a feeling
  • Helter Skelter
  • golden dreams

Harry and Taylor are nestmates

FORMER sweethearts Harry Styles and Taylor Swift may reunite this week after booking a room at the same luxury hotel for Glastonbury.

The couple, who had a stormy three-month romance in 2012, split after an “almighty quarrel” over the New Year holidays.

They both continued to air their dirty laundry on songs such as Taylor’s “Out Of The Woods” and the single “1D Perfect”. But since then, they seem to have reconciled.

Taylor, who is rumored to be engaged to Conversations With Friends actor Joe Alwyn, was one of the first to applaud when Harry won Best Pop Solo Performance for “Watermelon Sugar” at the Grammy Awards. in 2021.

So hopefully there won’t be any intense buffet scenes at The Newt In Somerset, a luxurious country estate where both of them are staying this weekend, sources say.

It is also reported that Paul McCartney is in the hotel.

We can think of the worst places to go to a Worthy Farm party.

Sam is in great shape.

Sam Fender plays his greatest hits to an eager Glastonbury crowd


Sam Fender plays his greatest hits to an eager Glastonbury crowd1 credit

SAM FENDER has a casual charm that belies his rising musical stature.

Drawing a crowd that the Pyramid Stage can barely contain, rocker North Shields showed why people flock to see him.

With two lyrically insightful indie albums under his belt, Fender chose the opportunity to reveal his best songs.

Before the acclaimed Seventeen Going Under, the singer said, “It’s about growing up, which I don’t think I did.”

The closing of the Hypersonic Missiles caused outbursts in the crowd, and as he left the stage, an uncontrollable smirk appeared on his face.

He knew he had knocked him out of the park.

At Glastonbury, Sam Fender finally came of age.

Endless lava, no thanks, Diana says

Diana Ross had to be persuaded to perform at Glastonbury.


Diana Ross had to be persuaded to perform at Glastonbury.1 credit

DIANA ROSS and Lionel Richie will reunite on stage to perform their song Endless Love tonight during her legendary slot.

The pair initially hit the top ten with a ballad in 1981, and the singer wanted the former Commodores legend to feature on her special Glastonbury set list.

We can also report that it took the festival organizers three years to convince Diana to agree to perform because she was concerned about the smell of the festival toilets.

The former Supremes superstar feared that the infamous toilet situation at Worthy Farm might prevent her from performing.

And she, uh, stank a little. . .

A source said: “Diana was talking to her team about Glastonbury before the pandemic and they were desperate to secure her for a big comeback.

“It was extremely important for her to be reassured that if she played at Glastonbury this year there would be no toilets near her dressing room.

“Of course, Michael Eavis and company were more than happy to comply.”

We think she has the right idea. . .

family business

Not only did Paul McCartney’s family descend on Worthy Farm, there were also descendants of Noel Gallagher.

His model daughter Anais told us ahead of her father’s Pyramid Stage performance: “I’m so excited to see my dad play at Glastonbury. It’s amazing to be back here.”

The blonde watched the concert from the side of the stage with Noel’s wife Sarah McDonald and their two sons.

Appy days for Megan

MEGAN McKENNA has revealed she plans to flirt with her ex-boyfriends when Worthy Farm takes the stage tonight.

And the winner of The Celebrity X Factor is wasting no time looking for a new man by creating a profile on celebrity dating app Raya.

Glastonbury singer Megan McKenna is looking for love


Glastonbury singer Megan McKenna is looking for love1 credit

But she’s not the only one at Worthy Farm looking for love.

After recently splitting from actress Liv Tyler, Dave Gardner also signed up for the app.

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The mogul and David Beckham’s best friend has posted a series of shots of him lounging and standing outside an art exhibition to The Mamas & The Papas’ California Dreamin’ soundtrack.

Meanwhile, model Tigerlily Taylor, daughter of Queen rocker Roger, is also on the site after her and skateboarder Darius Trabaltza parted ways. Good luck guys.

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