Peacemaker Facts Behind the Scenes, Interviewed by Danielle Brooks

Alas, the real eagle was not used for Eagly. / Provided by HBO Max

I don’t know about you, but I was initially a little hesitant when peacemaker An HBO television series based on John Cena’s role in Suicide Squad. Well, I don’t know if it was the infectious opening credits or the view of John Cena’s ass in the first scene, but I can safely say that all my fears were immediately dispelled. So, I spoke to Danielle Brooks, who adorably plays newcomer Leota Adebayo, to find out more about how the series was made.



The role of Leota Adebayo was written with Danielle Brooks in mind, as James Gunn was a fan Orange is the new black.

Netflix / Courtesy of Everett Collection

“We had a Zoom meeting and he told me he was a big fan Orange is the new black which was really great to hear. I told him that I liked it very much guardians of the galaxy and i was looking forward to Suicide Squad, Danielle told “It really didn’t take long for me to say yes, I really think he’s one of the most brilliant writers I’ve ever met.”


Two big things attracted Danielle to this role: James Gunn as a creative person and the opportunity to play an action role.


“James Gunn is James Gunn, he needs no introduction at the moment. His work, when it comes to action films, has been impressive. Being able to work with him alone is something that any actor would be dumb to not take advantage of. In addition, before that I could not immerse myself in active work, ”Danielle explained. “I can safely play with guns, I can jump over fences, harness in the air and fly around the room – participate in these fun combat moments. I enjoyed every moment.”


However, finding out that Adebayo was the daughter of Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, really “sold” Danielle the role.

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“When [James Gunn] told me, I thought, “Hey, the universe is amazing for that!” Because [Viola] everything for me, one of my biggest inspirations. It was easy.”


Danielle considers Waller to be an important figure for DCEU representation as she wears an Afro.

Warner Bros / courtesy of the Everett Collection

“I really liked her character and admire the image she brought to Amanda Waller with her rear end. [movies]. I think we have a standard of beauty that we have accepted for so long, and she brought something new.”


However, the two actors weren’t actually able to connect due to conflicting schedules and COVID restrictions, even though they’ve dated in the past.

Warner Bros / ©Warner Bros / courtesy of Everett Collection / Everett Collection

“We both send each other our love. I’ve met Viola a few times at various award ceremonies – and we’re both Juilliard girls from South Carolina, so we have a lot in common. any personal scenes with her because I would love to meet her face to face. It would be for books.”


On the first day on set, Danielle kissed her on-screen wife, played by Elizabeth Faith Ludlow.


“We just met and it was awkward and weird but she was super professional just like me. working together.”


Improvisation was an important part of the filming process and Danielle, being new to the franchise, was “a little bullied” for having to improvise dialogue on the second day of filming.

this scene was my first day with @thedaneb and it didn’t disappoint. Here are two minutes of her laughter in a million takes. At the end, even @JamesGunn can’t say a word without laughing.

Twitter: @steveagee

“We have a scene where we meet with the whole crew, and James just asked me to improvise this whole speech, which he ends up using,” Danielle described. “[Steve Agee] kept recording me, it made me laugh and confused. James Gunn couldn’t stop laughing as he bombarded me with new phrases for me to repeat. John tries not to break character, and it was so funny. They made me do it for probably 20 minutes straight.”


In fact, Danielle said that John Cena’s improvisational skills are one of his many acting talents, especially in a scene later in the series where The Peacemaker has to list celebrity lists.

Provided by HBO Max

“It was one of my favorite days because I really deserve more respect for John Cena as an actor, man. was gifted. James kept saying, “OK, do it again.” And quickly give out like 30 celebrities and different people, from cartoons to people in Godfather, to Steve Harvey – like it was crazy!”


Unfortunately, Danielle missed her last day on set because she contracted COVID (but didn’t test positive).

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“I wrote all these postcards for the final day and got all these wrapped presents and I couldn’t celebrate the end with everyone.”


An eagle-shaped green screen bird and an eagle dummy were used on set to achieve the special effects for The Eagle.


“What I really appreciate about the world of action movies is that you can use your imagination and creativity in a way that is not possible in some other, more realistic genres.”


Danielle was initially “a little hesitant” about filming the dance in the opening credits. For reference, she was shown clips of John Cena dancing during breaks.

Provided by HBO Max

“I thought, ‘What the hell are we doing?’


She also had to learn a ton of black ops jargon used in the universe, and showed up early to learn – reflecting that Adebayo is also a rookie.


“I went over the script a few times and re-read it – but a lot of times I just listened. to feel these places that I had yet to understand,” she explained. “John Cena has done this a million times and is very comfortable. I liked the parallel between me and Adebayo trying to figure it out at the same time.”


Another skill Danielle had to learn was how to jump from “explosions”, which actually meant falling onto a blue screen mat – there was one take where her gun was accidentally placed in front of her face.


“We had pistols in our hands and we had to jump on this blue rug. John Cena is very familiar with this type of work and he does it on the first take. [With] me, that’s three or four takes. [For example], the gun covers my face as I hit the ground. It’s so fun. I’m rewatching, I have it on my phone, it was so exciting. I thought, gosh, we look like bullies! This is so cool!'”


Apparently, the sound of gunshots in real life was incredibly loud and “harsh to my ears.”


Daniel hopes that people will notice the clothes worn by the dogs Adebayo and Kii.


“All the Adebayo dogs are wearing these cute outfits!”


Yes IRL peacemaker Group chat.

Provided by HBO Max

“You better believe we’re definitely [have one].”


Finally, Daniel is unaware of his future in the DCEU, but hopes it is “long”.

Provided by HBO Max

“I had an explosion and I really don’t want it to end sooner rather than later. I hope Adebayo has a long history with these DC TV shows – and hopefully movies.”

Thanks for talking to us, Daniel! First three series peacemaker now available to stream on HBO Max.

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