‘Peacemaker’ season 2 is safe on HBO Max, says James Gunn

August 2, 2022 by Twitter user @TomMCJL asked James Gunn if a second season of The Peacemaker is safe given what happened to Batgirl. The Guardians of the Galaxy director wrote back, “Yeah guys, take it easy,” giving everyone excited to see what’s next for Christopher “Peacemaker” Smith John Cena and the rest of his undercover crew a chance to collectively breathe. relief. Further leading this point home, Gunn later posted a behind-the-scenes photo. from the filming of the second season, where Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt enjoys a meal covered in blood.

At the time of this writing, The Peacemaker season 2 has no release date. Although, given the way the first season ended, the next batch of originally unplanned episodes may not arrive soon enough. “I did not agree to the second season just like that. It wasn’t a question like, “Okay, we’ve got it.” The thing is, I just wanted to make sure that this is really what I want to do, ”said Gunn. Diversity after the conclusion of season 1, explaining that he and Cena wanted to make sure the project was something they could invest in before even considering season 2. Obviously, they did not mind the continuation of the story about the “Peacemaker”.

Because Warner Bros. Discovery continues to keep people on their toes, it’s good to hear that The Peacemaker Season 2 is still in production.

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