Peleton removes viral Chris Noth ad amid rape allegations

earlier today, Chris Notho Was Two different women allege rape In a banging new report. northern Is denied all allegationsBut she is now facing extreme backlash and downfall after the details of the alleged sexual assaults were made public.


67 years old sex and the City The star had seen a resurgence in the past few weeks after reprising his role of Big In in the press. and just like that, His character dies in the first episode of the HBO Max reboot.

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Big’s death put a lot of pressure on both him and the exercise bike company Peleton. Before his death, Big was riding a peloton. Peleton Listed northern to star in an advertisement After all the talk about Big’s death. The ad quickly went viral over the weekend.

Now, northernad space of, also shown in Ryan Reynolds, has been removed by Peleton and cleared from their social channels.


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