People are cracking up on these 45 Spotify wrapped 2021 memes and reactions.

So, have you rolled up your Spotify for this year? You probably hate it, right? Because your baby spoiled all your stats by listening to Baby Shark repeat for four consecutive months, or maybe it was the party where your phone effectively set the DJ for everyone’s faulty music choices. Became up?

Whatever the case, you can be sure that you are not alone here because people online are reacting to Spotify’s Wrapped 2021 with mixed results – mixed results mean that those who Loved it, they liked it, but the majority were very impressed by it. Laugh at their own musical tastes this year, and if not, they’re pointing fingers at Spotify, and a little bit at Apple Play.

Be that as it may, it has become a bit of a trend now, especially with online trending hashtags, especially Twitter. Bored panda Compiled a list of the best responses currently available on interwebz. So, sit back, and start scrolling, vote, comment, and let us know what you regret or win the most in your wrap this year.

More information: Spotify Wrap 2021 | #SpotifyWrapped on Twitter

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