People Are Going Crazy About These 31 Venn Diagrams That Are More Fun Than Helpful

The most enjoyable part of any presentation is the charts. Since people like to learn words through visual means, charts are the perfect tool to summarize someone’s results in a simple yet concise and effective way.

Making diagrams is so much fun that Venn diagrams have actually become a fun template for memes. Meme people use Venn diagrams to show unexpected relationships between people and things, pointing out how stupid some people can be or how unfair life can be. imgur user ParallelParkingIn Burka has been collecting these memes for a while now and has shared his collection so everyone can appreciate this format and we’ve added even more of the best the internet had to offer.

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You may not have heard of the term “Venn diagram”, but you must have seen it. As Investopedia explains: “A Venn diagram is an illustration that uses circles to show relationships between things or finite groups of things. Overlapping circles have common features, while non-overlapping circles do not.

These kinds of diagrams “help visualize the similarities and differences between two concepts” and have been in use since the mid-20th century. Although they became more widespread during this period, they have been around for quite some time.

The diagram first became better known in the 1880s, when it was popularized by the English mathematician, logician, and philosopher John Venn. Actually, this is where the name that we now know came from.

Although the diagram was named after the person who popularized it, similar diagrams were created in the 1700s and were known as Euler circles because the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler created them. And the confusion doesn’t end there, because the name was changed by Clarence Lewis in 1918 in his book A Review of Symbolic Logic.

Venn diagrams are commonly used in the theory of logic, but they have found use in other fields such as statistics, linguistics, education, and computer science. They are also used in business and are a useful comparison tool.

And, obviously, they also caught the attention of meme creators, as they became a template for thinking about society or for comparing incomparable concepts. These are some of the simplest charts and speak for themselves, which may have contributed to their popularity on the internet.

According to Know your meme, one of the first uses of a Venn diagram as a meme format was probably on the Indexed website on August 9, 2006. It shows a three-sided Venn diagram with overlapping circles. The circles are named Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy. They are united, according to the creator of the meme, religious doubts.

Lucidchart also mentions one of the earliest examples of Venn diagram memes. They share one of the 2008 blog posts I’d rather write. It showed one circle, which was called “what would you write only for yourself”, and the other – “what would you write to the whole world.” These two circles overlapped, and they had in common that they both belonged to the blog.

Since then, the Venn diagram has become a recognizable format and has been used so often that some no longer find it funny and make fun of it, but it doesn’t seem to have completely disappeared as there are still people like ParallelParkingInABurka who like it. .

We would like to know if you are one of those people who like the Venn diagram meme or do you think it should stay in the math world and not try to be recognizable on the internet? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to vote for the memes that made you laugh the most!

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