People are sharing 58 tattoos that are huge red flags.

For thousands of years, humans have marked their bodies with permanent designs called tattoos. They vary from simple, sometimes elaborate, other times symbolic, but always personal, and these inks serve as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love, symbols of religious beliefs, adornment and forms of punishment.

No wonder people’s fascination with tattoos is stronger than ever. Although there is still some stigma attached to them in our society, a more progressive approach to our bodies, identity and self-expression is emerging.

At the same time, some people are a bit more skeptical of body art. They even claim that certain designs, symbols and areas of the body where tattooed can be read as warning signs. “What kind of tattoo on someone is a big red flag to you?” someone Asked on Ask Reddit, and we saw what people had to say. Let us know if you agree or disagree with them in the comments!

We also reached out to studio manager Adam Vagabond Tattoo Based in East London’s famous Hackney Road, who shares some insights into tattoo art from an expert’s perspective.

The childhood characters are doing something disgusting. Like Winnie the Pooh in a dominatrix outfit. Chopped Pikachu. Something like that.

Manatibe Reports

According to Adam, on Studio Manager Vagabond Tattoo Parlour, Tattoos don’t really say anything. “There are so many different styles out there now and it’s so diverse that you have people with different styles tattooed on them.” Having said that, Adam added, “One thing I would say is if someone has a body suit or a big piece, they’re a determined, dedicated person!”

When asked what types of tattoos are trending lately, Adam said that it’s tribal tattoos that are making a comeback, but in a new form. “I’ve seen a lot of biomechanical-esque tribals lately, so this might be a new trend.” Additionally, Adam said, “The ‘fine line’ style is probably the most popular, but I don’t think anything is the least fashionable right now,” when asked about tattoos that have gone out of style. are

As the CoVID-19 pandemic is over and people are returning to their normal lives, you may wonder if the initial pandemic surge in interest in getting ink has died down. However, Adam said they have been fairly consistent during the pandemic and post-pandemic. “I would say once we came out of each lockdown it was the busiest time with people wanting to get a tattoo,” he added.

People are sharing 58 tattoos that are huge red flags. Frankly, I only judge people for racist tattoos. I don’t care otherwise, nor do I care where people get their tattoos.

I tend to judge people with bad tattoos but only because it usually means a) you didn’t care to do your research or b) you’re a cheap f**k. But I try not only to the few people who have been deceived by someone saying that they are something that they are not.

Hovercraft Full of Bees , hildebrand_rarity Reports

And now that summer is heating up and everyone is getting into the beach mood, more people than ever are ready to get themselves a piece of body art. “Summer is always the best season for tattoos! As soon as you start showing more skin, all you see is empty space,” Adam told us. However, he added that tattoos in terms of healing. It’s probably the worst time to bake, but it’s definitely their busiest time of year.

People are sharing 58 tattoos that are huge red flags. I used to work at an all-purpose gas station in Pittsburgh, and I was told about a customer who had our store logo tattooed on his arm.

Didn’t make me proud, made me feel like I was joining a very corporate cult.

OK_Shepherd_8313 , Terry Johnston Reports

People are sharing 58 tattoos that are huge red flags. A tear drop under the eye

A teardrop under the eye, if only an outline, usually means that the wearer has been in pain, or is more likely to be in pain, or has spent special time with his peers (gang). Maybe 15 years. A filled solid tear usually means that the wearer has caused death for his comrades (gang).

Intimidation in the air , [deleted] Reports

People are sharing 58 tattoos that are huge red flags. My coworker married another coworker.. before that marriage.. she asked him to prove to her how much she loves him. So he got her last name tattooed on his neck. -Large artistic letters.

Now.. mind you.. this guy is a douche bag and a half. And they have “problems” in their marriage.. that tattoo just proves how much he loved himself.. which is exactly 0.

Now before any of you comment let me know how she is. She is very introverted and never talks. This guy controls what she eats, what she wears, and he has no shame in telling us if we stand up for him…and HR does nothing about it.

This girl is still attached to him. When we ask her why.. she shuts up and says.. she doesn’t have a car and asks us not to join her.

SO Seeing your partner’s name on a very visible area while the partner has no tits is a huge red flag.

Dimple_to_YA , KK Reports

Any type of brand logo. If you like any corporation enough to get their logo tattooed on you, I’m guessing we have some major ideological differences.

P0ster_Nutbag Reports

I think it might just be an Australian thing but a southern cross tattoo anywhere is a red flag.
Don’t know why it’s specifically the Southern Cross but not holy every person I’ve ever met with that particular tattoo has been a walking red flag.

imuncomfy5 Reports

People are sharing 58 tattoos that are huge red flags. Anything that’s in trend. Trends DIE. This tells me that the person isn’t willing to put anything unique on their body and they just want to follow what’s cool right now. For example, people who get watches, eyes, lions etc. They are probably the ones who got tribal tattoos in the 90s-00s because it was cool back then. By the way, I don’t hate these tattoos. They look good.. it’s just that people get them because it’s trending.. so to me it’s a red flag to permanently wear something just because it’s trendy at the moment. . Anything with your last name.

1 Carrick , Najib Qalil Reports

Erogenous zone.

I’m no one’s idea of ​​a god of love, but I’m reasonably capable of finding your happy spots without a pretty billboard to guide the way. You are a partner, not a fun amusement park.

A few encouraging words and actions are enough.

to knock Reports

People are sharing 58 tattoos that are huge red flags. I was once friends with a girl who had ten tattoos, all of which were tattoos shared by other girl friends. He is no longer friends with any of them. Two big red flags – friendships dependent on intense harmony, falling outs with many enemies/past friends. He even tried to get me a matching tattoo with him once. No Thanks.

pbd1996 , j46290 Reports

People are sharing 58 tattoos that are huge red flags. Comedy and Tragedy Masks. The first three people I connected with were in places you couldn’t see with clothes on.

Apparently I have a type.

If I find another human being, I may faint.

No_Lick_Asbestos , JubJubBonks Reports

Tattoo artist since 11/12 years. Really in my opinion it’s usually people who don’t have good home tattoos that throw up the most red flags.

Thinking they owe something and being downright rude especially when someone is about to stab you.

I’m in no way trying to say that home tattoos are bad, what I’m saying is that there’s a sense of self-entitlement and it needs to be done now and there’s a different type of client that’s created than normal. Are typically rude or a *** ** in my experience.

Lumpy_Objective1458 Reports

An eyeball such as your eyeball is meant to be permanently colored. Absolutely not. Use cold contacts. Don’t take the chance to blind yourself.

Kaiju Reports

The old feather and infinity symbol is mostly a gift for being a little uninspired.

MrSquanchy010 Reports

Usually initials, usually three letters, are associated with most group names.

-Wild Heart- Reports

This seems to be an unpopular one and may just be from personal experience but a whole or half sleeve of a particular fandom/media. Never met anyone who works so hard for Harry Potter and nowhere else.

big boy Reports

Name tattoos are usually offensive. Can you really think of no other way to honor your loved one? Knew a guy who had “family” written on his arm in a huge over-sized script… what, like you’d forget?

ETA if you want to honor someone, get them a symbol or smth that you really care about. These are just simple name tattoos that I get.

oil lamp Reports

Number 88. It is used in the Aryan Brotherhood as an acronym for Heil Hitler (Explanation: H is the eighth letter of the alphabet).

HypnotEyes_lonely Reports

People are sharing 58 tattoos that are huge red flags. I knew a girl whose initials were VW and had a tattoo of the Volkswagen logo. He was also obsessed with his cars. He didn’t get a tat just because of his initials.

C_IsForCookie , Reports

Any symbols of the Soviet Union or other socialist countries. Portraits of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao etc. Red flag with hammer and sickle of course.

sladkayaKonfetka Reports

Om symbol- not hate because I imagine a lot of people have one, but I feel like that person is very clearly telling me to avoid hanging out with them.

automatic_moments_320 Reports

Anime characters tattoos. I watch anime from time to time, I’ve seen a lot. I also read a ton of manga. I understand if it’s a small tattoo that references the anime, but big tattoos of anime characters are red flags.

Dereyanyan Reports

Clock tattoos. Especially if it comes together with a rose or lion. This is a very distinctive tattoo but the people who get it are always very rude.

bugzdumpster Reports

Getting a simple lion with a crown and an hourglass or pocket watch like a wolf and an owl…

very_committee_9355 Reports

Nightmare before Christmas tattoos because you know they’re going to be so annoying.

Boli Holi Reports

My ex is 17 so he doesn’t have this tattoo but he really wants to get a Harry Potter Death Eater tattoo.

Edit: Need to clarify that it’s not the HP that makes me cringe, it’s specifically the death eater.

iwpsutiad Reports

Those semi-gut tattoos.

Met, perhaps half a dozen men and women together.

All bats, and unapologetically entitled about it…

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