People are sharing how they got into trouble at work for Wild Things (112 tweets).

Part of the enduring appeal of the popular sitcom The Office has to do with how people found it. From the everyday characters to the workplace drama, there’s something unique about watching a TV drama based on real, unhinged, mundane, often boring work life.

The truth is, if people open up one day and decide to share their weird workplace stories, chances are they’ll reach out to directors. Because truth is often stranger than fiction…

This viral thread from Twitter It gives us a glimpse into some of the most poignant work stories of people who have fallen into trouble in the line of duty, and it may leave you speechless. “Sorry for the quick twitter, but what’s the biggest reason you’re having trouble at work?” Surprised at Montkey Wood Snacks. Sorry, not sorry, but Twitter was indeed tipped off.

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